Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands Credits (Windows)

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Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands Credits


storyCecilia Barajas, Nick Sagan, Adam Simon
dialogueEdithe Swensen
additional dialogue/textSara Margaret Stohl
live action sequences directorJoe Napolitano
game designCecilia Barajas, Mark Long
musicMark Morgan
sound design and mixScott Martin Gershin
artScott Goffman, Jack Burton
production coordinatorsRick Baumgartner, Roy Cullen
asset managerJeff Jorczak
associate producersSteven Chao, T Shane Yang
lead testerWilliam Westwater
script programmingDavid Chien, Mason Deming, Edward Clune, Ted Huntington, Brian Dean Jennings
engine programmingBen Diamand, Gary Jesdanun, Andrew G. Silber
senior programmer initial technical designPaul Gallagher
lead programmerMichael H. Douglas
art directorMauro Borrelli
technical direction byLaird M. Malamed
produced and directed byCecilia Barajas
actorsStephen Macht (General Thaddeus Kane), Paul Anthony Stewart (Lucien Kane/Nemesis), Merle Kennedy (Alexandria Wolfe), Lauren Koslow (Madame Sophia Hamilton), Allan Kolman (Doctor Erasmus Sartorius), William Morgan Sheppard (Bishop Francois Malveaux), Ray Boyle (Retired Soldier), Lisa Engelman (Zoe Wolfe), Karen Kondazian (Female Patient #2), Harris Laskaway (Severed Head), David Lodge (Museum Voice), Kim McGuire (Female Patient #1), Sean Moran (Mad Monk), Bruce Nozick (Nemesis), Wendy Robie (Insane Patient), Josie Roth (Alarm Voice), Terence J. Rotolo (Soldier #2), Dan Speaker (Soldier #1), Vivien Straus (Usher), Mari Weiss (Rockoby Venus), Danielle Wiener (Young Alexandria), Jeremy Witkin (Record Voice)

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