Written by  :  POMAH (49062)
Written on  :  Apr 22, 2005
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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If you don't like haemorrhoids send them a ball!

The Good

The beautiful graphics with optional support of 3D acceleration gives additional dynamics to the game. Main heroes of the game, the frog and the Aztec, has memorable images. Their conversation during Adventure mode put the player into the mysterious plot full of Aztec mystery known by legends about their alien legacy. Even when frog replies "Ribbit." or "Ribbit!" or "Ribbit?", it is more then enough. Stimulation of the game is also uncovering the hidden levels during Adventure mode. Then in Gauntlet mode it will allow the player to play on uncovered level to raise the skill or/and to make a high score. In the Gauntlet mode player can acquire a medal of different skill level, where frog can be Eagle or Jaguar or even Sun God. This hierarchy breaks the famous Russian phrase - "The one who was born to crawl will never fly" (inspired by Maxim Gorky) - and it is very optimistic. The game is a challenge. Sometimes it is very difficult to pass a level, even with all bonuses. Bonuses are optimal, they are not very hard to take, but do not give you absolute advantage to pass a level. A help lines after finishing the level will also uncover a new features of the game. So passing the game is progressive on all the way from the very beginning to the glorious ending.

The Bad

The game has a save game feature, but it isn't perfect. The player can save game as it was in Diablo II. For those who want a fate in the game it is good, but for those who want to pass a game in Adventure mode it is a great disappointment. Thirteen stages are not very big collection even if it takes a week to pass for average player. Also I think it is somewhat inconvenient for the first time to change a ball of frog.

The Bottom Line

The game with beautiful graphics is a very good challenge to people of all ages, where logic combines with action and arcade and even with mysterious adventure. Animal (the frog) as main hero gives an additional charm to playing. Sleepless nights for average players, bright new mornings for profie's are provided by this game, where you can do nothing but shoot a color ball in dynamic line of balls. But the idea is simple only at the first sight. For me it reflects our present life - The method of solving our present problems until their sequence will lead to failure (for example, it is bankruptcy for business). And only you can decide which portion of problems to solve now in glorious path to success. I recommend this game for all of us. It is definitely!