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  • The following characters were removed from the final game: Three tourists, the Mayor, the King, a postman and a woodcutter.
  • These animations were removed from the final game: Louise puking on blind Sam and his dog, Sergio the phone operator with a lizard tongue and a hand coming out from the pirate chef's mouth grabbing the pancakes.


  • Gilbert Goodmate was originally intended to be an Amiga title.
  • The animations for Gilbert's character have been completely redesigned six times - three times for the original Amiga version, and another three times since the project was moved to PC.
  • The Prelusion guys did some of the sounds - you can hear them mumbling at the "execution postponing" and the "boo sound" on the slavery market. Also, Patrick Broddesson did the voices for the sheep, the bird inside the genie bottle and the troll.

Mushroom festival

There actually are mushroom festivals in real life! One of them takes place on the same date as the first mushroom festival in the game -- Sept 17th ( September 17 is Daniel Nilsson's birthday - that's why he picked that date for the mushroom festival in the game.


A patch (4.46Mb) was released for the English version of Gilbert Goodmate called the "Crash at Elton's FIX". The text file included with the patch stated that the "Crash occurs due to a defect on Gilbert Goodmate, CD 1" and that "all current save games will still work after applying this fix".

Later, the final v1.03 patch (1.82Mb) was released and included the following fixes (per the update.txt file):
- Corrects all problems related to tearing effects, screen flicker and other problems rendering graphics.
- Corrects problem with game crashing on exit.
- Corrects problem with game not starting on some systems resulting in an error message about active system debuggers.
- Corrects the crank problem in the first puzzle.
- Corrects potential system locks related to GeForce 2 gfx-cards.
- Speeds up Gilbert's walk.
- Speeds up the pace of conversations.
- Adds "High/Low Quality Sound" playback in options screen. (low=more compatible)


  • The genie in the bottle has extremely similar voice and accent as Peter Sellers in The Party movie. It is very much influenced by that character, even some dialogues are exact like in the movie, like the parrot scene when Peter Sellers says "Birdie, Num Num".
  • The save game and general menu screen is made like some big circuit board with switches and buttons and all. On the wooden frame, it is stenciled ELTON ELECTRICS marked PATENT NUMBER LSI-1. Elton, however, is an actual ingame character that is inventor of all kinda of things such as time machine, robots, and what all not.
  • When Gilbert enters the Viking secret treasure hideout he makes several comments on what he is looking at there. One of them is "three headed monkey" statue with engraved name saying Lucas. An obvious reference to The Secret of Monkey Island.
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