Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Credits


ProgrammersYonghwi Lee, Youngha Ahn
Game GraphicsJongkeun Park
MusicJooyoung Kwark
QA EngineerM. J. Gravina
Cover ArtistDenis R. Loubet
Graphic DesignerLeah Farley (package, manual and CD)
WritersBrad Freeman, Dan Schmidt (game), Bill Armintrout (manuals)
Manual Editing and ProductionM. J. Gravina, Leah Farley, Jay Miller
Technical AdvisoryPaul Neurath
Graphics ProgrammerDoug Bauer
Origin TestingAmy Sage
Special ThanksPaul Neurath, Doug Bauer, Amy Sage, FloodGate Entertainment

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