Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Talking to old friends
Select a wingman
Select your ship and weapons
A look at the Victory
Teasing the enemy during a dogfight
Chatting with Captain Eisen while landing
Arrival at the "TCS Victory"
We meet "Vagabond" at the locker room
Transport ships without escort became a easy booty
A "Excalibur" [external view]
This "Darket" damaged us hard
Hunting transporters with the "Excalibur"
Two "Hellcat V"
Communicating with Kilrathi pilots can be funny sometimes
Shot down this "Strakha" before they switch into invisible mode again
Escorting friendly cargo ships
A cat less
Escorting the "Behemoth"
Prince Thrakath's Fighter ... he's one of the hardest opponents
"Vagabond" is watching the "Ajax's" back
Carrier in sight ... but the "Arrow" isn't the right ship for this job
The Killboard
You have to destroy a shield generator at "Freya"
Arm the "Excalibur" with the deadly "Temblor" bomb
The "Ajax" support us with this heavy cruiser
Mission X ... you and three Wingman ... primary target is "Kilrah"
Talking with Rachel.
Talking with Maniac. (Yes, that's the guy who played Biff in Back to the Future).
Your ship in the hangar.
Bringing in your ship for a landing.
Chatting with Rachel in the Rec Room.
Getting ready to take off.

PlayStation version

Flight deck
In flight control
Talking to Hobbes
Watching news
TCS Victory computer
Starting up simulator
Mark Hamill as Blair
Mission briefing
Loading screen
Talking to Rachel
You are ready for take-off.
Ready to fly
Pause menu
Object camera
Flying in deep space
Chase view
Navigation map

Windows version

Main title.
John Rhys-Davies and Mark Hamill in the opening cinematic.
The game starts in the flight hangar.
You can talk to characters you meet at certain places.
Logging into a computer terminal.
Game options can be changed in the computer terminal.
Select your wingman.
Meeting your mechanic.
Prepping for a take-off.
Exiting the hangar.
There are several different camera views you can switch between, some in 1st-person some in 3rd-person perspective.
Enemy fighter destroyed.
Auto-pilot option will fast-forward you to your next destination assuming there are no nearby enemies.
Enemy shields are still holding.
You can see helping reticle showing you how much ahead of enemy fighter you should fire in order to score a hit.
Mission objective accomplished, time to return to base.
Mission map.
Need to get a landing approval before you can return to Victory.
Landing sequence in progress.