Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Malcolm McDowell, playing Admiral Tolwyn
A, battle sequence (intro)
The Flight Deck of our Headquarters
Officers' Lounge
Mark Hamill (Col. Blair) is taking briefing from Jason Bernard (Capt. Eisen)
We meet "Vagabond" at the Officers' Lounge
Escorting two "F/A-76 Longbow" bomber
A "F-86 Hellcat V" ( planetary mission )
Christopher Blair and Captain William Eisen
Captain Paulsen
A cruiser ( Union of Border Worlds )
Two "Avenger" at the "TCS Lexington's" wreck
Good bye "Vagabond" ... old friend :-(
A "KF-100 Dralthi IV" of the Kilrathi Empire
We meet the Kilrathi Melek again
Troy "Catscratch" Carter and Velina Sosa at the "BWS Intrepid"
"Maniac" scores again
A formation of three "Banshee II" fighters
Dogfighting a "F-103 Excalibur"
"Maniac" and "Dekker" at the "BWS Intrepid's" Officers' Lounge
Under heavy fire
Tamara "Panther" Farnsworth
"Seether" and Admiral Tolwyn at the "Black Lance" headquarter
Flying a "Dragon" super fighter
A "F-104A Bearcat" in action

PlayStation version

Main menu
Title screen
Blair in a bar
Practise fight against Maniac
Chase view
Attacking the enemy.
You have arrived at the space station.
Take a shuttle.
Maniac and Blair inside a shuttle