Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Playroom
If you look inside the toy chest, you will be able to save or restore your game
Exploring the woods
Say hello to Owl
Owl's dining room
Say hello to Roo
Say hello to Kanga
Tigger just wants to bounce you all over the place
The place where Pooh and Christopher Robin like to hang out and play
Say hello to Eeyore
Galleon's Lap
Say hello to Christopher Robin
Say hello to Rabbit
It's too misty to see where you are going
It's too dark in here
I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "B"
Up a tree looking down at the bridge
What a big stream
Piglet's house.
A piece of fluff.
Outside Pooh's house.
The star of the game.
One can only sit and be thoughtful for so long...
Picnic table.
The "North Pole".
Big tree.
What's inside?
Back door of rabbit's house.
Rabbit's house.
Dead tree.
Lame joke...
I'm always hungry!
Owl's house.
Oh scary!

Apple II version

Walt Disney Software & Sierra On-Line present
Title screen
Beginning location
Save/Load screen
Owl gives hints to solve the game
Eeyore has no tail
Christopher Robin
Rabbit's garden
Roo playing in the sandy pit
Kanga's house
Winnie the Pooh
Entrance to Piglet's house

Atari ST version

Starting location
Progress measurement -- and a Hitchhikers' Guide joke?!
Game save screen
Exploring the woods
Multiple-choice questions
And a good day to you, sir depressed donkey
These will surely come in handy!
Whimsical detail
Hello, rabbit
The game moralizes a bit to its immature audience
I'm looking under every single rock
Christopher Robin has no time to help me
Bounced by Tigger! This puts me in a random location (and my objects in another random location, alas!)

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The game starts here
Talking to Owl
This is where Owl lives
Is it lunch time yet?
You have found a balloon. Whose could it be?
Talking to Christopher Robin
The back door to Rabbit's house
Toy box - this works as the save game feature as well.
A bridge.
Oh noes! Woozle tracks?!
Piglet's house.
Piglet's front door.
Winnie the Pooh's house.
Winnie the Pooh - the bear himself.
Pooh's thoughtful spot - how thoughtful!
Kanga's house.
In a garden.
A piece of fluff... Is this the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game?
Down a tunnel! Good thing this is a kid's game or there might be all kinds of scary and icky things hiding here that could eat you!
Rabbit's humble abode.
Rabbit's house.
Looking under rocks...
A big tree.
A hole in the big tree.
Picnic table.
You can do nothing here if you want... Hours and hours of fun!
Eeyore's home.
Trees... Lots of trees!
It is kind of nice here...
Quiet forest.
A big hole in the ground.
Log... If this was King's Quest II - there would be treasure hiding inside!
Robin's home.

DOS version

Title screen (CGA composite mode)
The beginning location (CGA composite mode)
A good place to play pooh sticks (CGA composite mode)
Tigger can bounce you across the wood (CGA composite mode)
Piglet's home (CGA composite mode)
Talking to piglet (CGA composite mode)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
The beginning location (CGA with RGB monitor)
Exploring the Hundred Acre wood (CGA with RGB monitor)
Some people can't see the forest for the trees (CGA with RGB monitor)
Talking with Owl (CGA with RGB monitor)
Meet Eeyore (CGA with RGB monitor)
This is where you save your game (CGA with RGB monitor)
Are these woozle tracks? (CGA with RGB monitor)
Tiger bounces me across the woods! (CGA with RGB monitor)
At Winnie the Pooh's house (CGA with RGB monitor)
Cristopher Robin; you can ask a question, or leave the house (CGA with RGB monitor)
Kanga the Kangaroo! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Visit Rabbit's underground house (CGA with RGB monitor)
Pooh discovered the North Pole! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Meanwhile Roo plays in the sandy pit (CGA with RGB monitor)
There's a balloon here; who can this belong to? (CGA with RGB monitor)
Could something be under these rocks? (CGA with RGB monitor)
Rabbit's Garden. (CGA composite mode)
Tunnel to Rabbit's home. (CGA composite mode)
Rabbit's home. (CGA composite mode)
Rabbit. (CGA composite mode)
Outside Rabbit's house. (CGA composite mode)
Back door to Rabbit's home. (CGA composite mode)
Pooh's home. (CGA composite mode)
Winnie the Pooh. (CGA composite mode)
Pooh's Thoughtful Spot, (CGA composite mode)
Kanga's Home.
Kanga. (CGA composite mode)
Hill, (CGA composite mode)
Picnic table. (CGA composite mode)
The North Pole... At least according to the locals. (CGA composite mode)
Tall tree. (CGA composite mode)
Hole in the tree. (CGA composite mode)
Rocks. (CGA composite mode)
Title Screen PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Christopher Robin's Playhouse, PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Saving your Game PCjr/Tandy Graphics
The One Hundred Acre Wood PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Rabbit PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Rabbit's Garden PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Kanga PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Pooh Bear PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Piglet PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Christopher Robin PCjr/Tandy Graphics
Roo Tandy/PCjr. Graphics
Owl Tandy/PCjr Graphics
Tigger Tandy/PCjr. Graphics
Eeyore Tandy/PCjr. Graphics