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Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a check for PAL(50Hz) or NTSC(60Hz), it then saves to a memory card, displays company logos before starting the animated introduction
The game's start screen
The first choice the player has to make is setting the difficulty level. Plenty to choose from here.
The game's main menu. There is banner text running across the bottom of the screen giving context sensitive messages
Lots of game configuration controls can be accessed by selecting Options from the main menu. This is just one of the lower level menus
The start of a training session. There are three training options, Step-by-step, Free training and Controls. These are the options for Step-by-step
This shows one of the training screens. First the player chooses the player to be trained, and watches the game demonstrate before practicing the move
Team selection. Note that the only real team name here is Arsenal.
The team tactics screen. Lots can be done here to set up team selection, formation, attacking and defending tactics and more
The match between Tyneside and West Midlands Village is about to start. There's a fly-by around the stadium and then the players take to the field
A Random Selection Match, one of the Main Menu options. After the controller setup screen the player chooses teams either from an area or a league
A Random Selection Match. After choosing controllers and teams the next option is player selection
A Random Selection Match. After selecting the team the player configures the overall settings for the match. Then it's on to the team tactics screen shown earlier
When a goal is scored it is followed by repeats from different angles. The final repeat allows the player to view the goal from any angle via the L1/2 R1/2 buttons

Windows version

Title screen
From the flashy intro movie.
Title screen
Team selection.
A very pixelated audience.
Strip selection
The teams are getting ready for kick off.
That's an easy one for the keeper.
Almost a mile offside.
The game can be played in several different camera views.
Not a good chance to score from here, but it's worth a try.
And he's through! (won't score though)
Getting a shot on goal.
The keeper saves.
Trying to tackle... fails.
A challenge on the midfield.
One of the highlights of the match.
Half-time summary.
Tactics screen
Missed the ball, took the player instead.
The referee showing the card.
-It hurts!, he yelled.
A free kick
Goalkeeper about to set the ball in play again.
The keeper has to stretch out here.
Trying a cross.
A penalty kick.
Master League menu
Lots and lots of stats.
All the players in the game can be edited.
Gamers with artistic skills can create their own emblems.
PES, the first football game for shoe fetishists.