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Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Winter Sports 2: The Next Challenge Credits

RTL Games GmbH

Managing DirectorBirgit Hönsch
New BusinessGabriel Schorsch Hacker, André Bernhardt
ProducingNico Zettler, Philip Hufen
MarketingAndreas Balfanz, Nicole Glockmann
PRAndreas Balfanz, Nicole Glockmann
SalesDieter Schoeller, Oliver Henneken
Special Thanks toJalil Abdallaoui, Kerstin Busch, Anni Friesinger, Eva Frings, Jochen Habermaier, Florian Hommel, Stephan Kassung, Susanne Meyer, Sabine Moormann, Andreas Ochsner, Jörn Reinhold, Thomas Voigtländer
ThePixelz.comOliver Funke, Alessandro Riggio, Tim Saueressig

NBG Multimedia

Distribution ManagerOliver Graubner, NBG Distribution Team

Independent Arts Software

Developed byIndependent Arts Software
Managing DirectorHolger Kuchling
ProducerFelix Olschewski
Art DirectorAndrea Christen
Project CoordinatorJulian Klaus
Lead CoderMaik Guntermann
Game DesignerAndrea Christen, Julian Klaus, Felix Olschewski
Lead ArtistPeter Thielmann
Graphic ArtistMarc Köhler
QA TesterRoman Grow, Ronny Harzendorf, Denis John, Zoltán Kovács
SoundDynamedion, Carsten Rojahn
MusicDynamedion, Fabian Del Priore

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