The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
A shot from amazing new intro movie
Tutorial - game basics explained
A new optional quest very late in the game
This quest has some gruesome and at the same time funny scenes
Tsiri, not seen in the base game
Arena mode loading
Arena mode starting area - hire mercenaries, buy stuff
Arena mode - the first fight
Arena mode - action

Xbox 360 version

New intro CG, the mage has spotted the intruder.
New intro CG, Letho is heading for the king.
Main title.
Main menu.
Starting the tutorial mission.
Tutorial mission, examining the corpse.
Story prologue.
The game starts as an interrogation.
Reminiscing the past events will let you play them in order of your preference.
Many cut-scenes are done via animated stills.
The Wild Hunt, Geralt's constant nightmare.
Waking up next to Triss.
Don't you just hate interruptions like these.
Exploring the Foltest's military camp.
You can talk with many NPCs which will basically yield in their single line comment toward you, while certain key characters will engage in multiple-choice conversation.
Loading screens depict the area you are presently at.
The village has been conquered, but someone should keep an eye on the blood-thirsty soldiers.
You can only use one magic sign at the time.
When polite approach fails, you can try intimidation.
There are many buildings that can be explored, most of them are not worthy the time, though.
This commander needs to be taught a lesson.
Taking out the La Valette soldiers before entering.
Using igni sign to set the enemy soldiers ablaze.
Sneaking up to the guard for a silent takedown.
Silent takedown.
Geralt is in a hurry and has no time to postpone his meeting with the executioner.
In journal you can see all your ongoing and completed quests.
World map.
Zooming in on the world map will show the map of your vicinity.
Facing the keyran is not hard, but tricky.
Passing through the small harbor.
Streets of Flotsam.
Flotsam forest is full of monsters and bandits, be on your guard.
Triss is shocked at how easily Geralt has given her the proof of his undying love for her.
Geralt and Triss taken care of the bandits.
This time around, sex scenes are more vividly depicted than just through still card images.
Character's upgradeable skill tree.
Your journal keeps track and info on all the characters you've came into contact with.
King Henselt's army camp.
Check the boards for available contracts and side-quests.
Arm-wrestling, one of the mini-games in the game.
As in the original game, dialogues come abundant and are done via cinematic-like feel to it.
Keeping the wraiths outside of the magical circle.
Many part in the game let you choose completely different paths, in this one, Geralt has decided to help the rebels.
Geralt versus the golem, a long and exhilarating battle.
We got ourselves a stalemate.
When the meter is full, Geralt can performs an instant kill move.
The dragon have burned this area good, got to reach the higher grounds before tackling the beast.