Wiz 'n' Liz Screenshots

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Amiga version

Welcome to Wiz 'n' Liz - A Fluffy Game
You start out in front of your shack
Preparing a spell
Ride the roller coaster and select a land
Get the wabbits to collect letters to form a word
Now get them out of here
End-of-land statistics
Dead Land
Temple Land
This is the place to buy hints
Snow Land
Wood Land
Mine Land
Bonus Round
A mummy sleeps outside a pyramid
The Freaky Flower
Mini-Game: Snakes Alive
A wabbit explodes
Mini-game: Splat Those Dudes
Snake Eyes
An ice-cream van crashed into the snow
Beware of what? Count Dracula?
The statue of David flexing his muscles
Look at the pretty colors, boys and girls
Looks like that Hollywood sign needs repairing
Poor lizard got stuck in two platforms
The Statue of Liberty was getting tired of New York, so she decided to take a vacation in the desert
The Creepy Clock
Mini-Game: Waining Wabbits
The Scary Pumpkin
The Evil Oak
Doctor Who and his companion haven't left the TARDIS yet
You don't see many sand castles in the desert, do you?
Robin Hood is a scarecrow
Too bad for him
Mini-Game: Letter Basher
That temple looks much better than the first one
The Gate Keeper
The Deadly Dragon

Genesis version

Sega logo screen featuring the robot from Killing Game Show
Title Screen
Mix Those Fruit!
Level Selection
The Evil Oak
Desert World
Hint Shop
Four Seconds Left