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Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant


You begin the journey outside the New City. Start off by going into the pit close by. Then find a passage in the forest which leads to the Sea of Sorrows, you should find a chest with a journey map kit.

Enter New City and search every building possible. Free Capt. Borugard. Buy bunch of bananas in the Inn Tavern.

Now visit Munkharama, the go to the Ukpyr and make alliance with umpani. You should get thermal pinaple from them.

Next go to the Gorn castle hidden underground in the Orkogre forest. Get Bannsai Tree and Munks Innards. Use metal plate in the blood split on the floor, first search the spill. Give the killer Gorilla the bananas. Tell the King the dartaen alliance is broken.

Next you should head for the Dionyseeus. Make sure you have at least twenty thousand GP. If you are in need of the money, head for the top of your map where the road divides for the Ratkin Ruins and Nyctalinth. You should find a clearing in the forest, and will be attacked by tree like monsters there. Walk around get your hit points and GP up. Also use the Bannsai Tree at the grave in the middle of the clearing, this should allow you passage into the Ratkin Ruins. When you pass the seven levels of the Dionyseeus, kill the Magna Dane then search his chamber for a chest containing the coil of the serpent.

After the Dane head for Munkharama use the Moon Stone found at the statue of Phoonzang in New City on the statue of Munkharama, after placing the coins you find in the pools of water around the statue into the golden urns. This will get you into the secret temple. Also if you'll find a well shout COIN into it. In the land of dreams you'll find a dark room smoke the pipe after each vision.

The Dragon Mountains. Use the coil of the serpent at night in the Dragon Mountains after going through the fog, and get plenty of magic before going into the Dragon cave. You will have to fight Brumbadeg. The best spells to use on him are Conjure ( highest lev ), haste, bless, enchanted blade, and few fire spells. Also when just entering the cave never turn to the right, you'll get separated from the boat unless you have lots of stamina bottles and spells, which will help you get the best sword in the game before the fight with Brumbadeg. The sword is in the City of Sky, the latter which leads up to it is hidden in the middle cave you'll have to swim to it (not far). Or fight Brumbadeg then get to the middle cave by boat.

After the City of Sky go to the Ratkin Ruins. There find a merchant selling feather weight. When you find a blind ratkin use steal option, you'll get a signed ring, put it on in the thieves guild. Ask the blind ratkin about Fun House he'll sell you a clown nose. When you'll get to the levers pull the lever alone down and the levers together one up one down for both flours. Put the rope and a bar into the pit, then go up the moving belt and take the water slide. Also if you'll find wooden dowel put it through the hall in the wall.

You should end up at the Witch Mountains if all goes well. Finish the Giants Cave before going into Witch Mountains it is located close by. When Finished with witches climb down the long wine you've made out of the four short pieces (merge). When you have climbed down the vine head left until you get to the Ukpyr Mountains use the Rebus Egg found in the museum of New City in the salt marches.

Now head for Nyctalinth in the Livestock building go through the wall after the ghost. Find the right grave and dig it up with a shovel like weapon you found in the chest. When you find some eggs obstructing your passage use thermal pinaple to blow them up. Now you are ready to go to the Isle of the Crypts.

When you find the Island use the magic wand to get in to it. Use bones combs and brushes on the ugly gorn woman. Use legend map on the Gelen Stone on one of it's sides. Might be the Star side. Also look for a button in the Hall of Gorrors. You shall find the jewel of the sun, use it outside the Isle of the Crypts on one of the islands when you walk through one of the stones. You'll get to a very big room in the Isle of the Crypts with the names of the maps written on floor. The Tume of the Astral Domeney will open after you've been everywhere in this room

Written by Dennis G. and posted on an old BBS many years ago.

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