Wizardry Gold Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen of the Windows version. The original resolution of 640x480 was not scaled to fit the screen, leaving a black frame around the game window on higher resolutions.
The character screen plus inventory.
The new automap feature (top right) in action. Its window would inconveniently cover a part of the game screen in lower resolutions.
You're not safe even when swimming -- a swarm of giant piranhas attacks.
Fighting some Gorns in Orcogre Castle.
Ah, a chest! Possibly trapped. You've got a couple of options to deal with this problem.
Got it! The well-earned loot.
Trading with an Umpani. Shops are restocked with fresh items according to your progress.
The map of Lost Guardia is included in the game.
Hm, what might this be for? Special graphic objects like these are extremely rare.
A crude parser allows interaction with some characters.
A couple of nasty T'rang mages.
Reciting silly phrases is a valued part of the local heritage.
Uh, babes! Listen, girls, do we really need to fight...?
Er... I'll just leave you guys alone, okay?