Wizardry III・IV (TurboGrafx CD)

Wizardry III・IV Screenshots

TurboGrafx CD version

Copyright screen
Title screen
Ouch, no graphics...
Gathered a generic party
Short scene before the dungeon
Status screen
Dungeon navigation
You can also remove the party screen
Battle options
Go ahead, Samurai! This Crawling Kelp has no chance... he can crawl and kelp as much as he wants to
Haven't we met before? Like, when I STOLE a DUSTER from you? Get it? Hahahaha!! Ha-ha! Ha
Treasure chests are often trapped. That's how they are
We got paid
Intro to "Return of Werdna"
Say what you want, but "Return of Werdna" is MUCH more interesting than those generic Wizardries before and after it
Yeah!! Hehe... That's MY dungeon! I'm EVIL!!...
Look how many cute little... err... I mean... sickening, horrifying monsters I can summon!
Stop talking to me like that! I'm very sensitive. My Mommy told me that after I burnt down the highschool
Look at those pathetic goody-two-shoes characters... we shall fight them!!..
Oh wow, this is a Guardian battle! Get ready, my monsters!..
Ohhhh, ahhhh, so much loot... so much loot! I want to be rich!
This guy is called DarkForce? How about "Bald Schmaltz"? Haaaahhhahahaha!! Ha-ha-ha... Ha