Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Intro movie
Title screen
Main menu
Choosing your first character. Isn't he a bit tall for a Dwarf?
Choosing the class and stats of your character.
Arriving in town...
Each character has his/her own reasons for venturing into the labyrinth.
Recruiting more party members at the inn.
Getting my first quest.
A little detour by the shop - unfortunately, everything is too expensive...
Entering the dungeon. It's a bit dark, but fortunately my priestess can cast a "torch" spell.
Searching a wall. You never know...
Fighting some orcs.
Who will I target, the bats or the goblin?
Casting a spell.
A large band of enemies.
Of course, the chest had to be trapped...
Leaving the dungeon.
To rest at the inn, each character must pay individually. Now that's old-school!
Without a map it's easy to get lost.

PS Vita version

Splash title screen (Trial version)
Main menu (Trial version)
Select your character's type and class (Trial version)
Adjusting your character's stats (Trial version)
The game starts in one of the towns (Trial version)
Talking to a hotel receptionist (Trial version)
Visiting a local merchant (Trial version)
Browsing the wares (Trial version)
Talking to Sister Samantha (Trial version)
Inn is the place to look for new party members (Trial version)
The throne room (Trial version)
Loading screen on the way to your first dungeon (Trial version)
Game settings can be accessed in mid game (Trial version)
Attacking a troll creature (Trial version)
Fighting a pack of creeping coins (Trial version)
Kobolds are attacking (Trial version)