The Wizard's Castle Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore PET/CBM version

Title screen
Setting up your character.
Allocate some additional points as you wish.
What kind of armor would you like?
Your choice of weapons
Entering the castle.
View the map to see where you are.
Fighting a minotaur.
I escape a battle I was losing only to fall into a sinkhole.
Wolves don't bargain much.
I found a chest full of gold.

DOS version

Title screen
The game introduction
Setting up your character
Help screen.
Exploring the castle
Use the map to find out where you are
Fighting a kobold
Title screen (GWBASIC)
Instructions (GWBASIC)
Thrilling gameplay! (GWBASIC)
First title screen (1984 GW-Basic version)
The background story (1984 GW-Basic version)
Beginning character generation (1984 GW-Basic version)
Buying equipment (1984 GW-Basic version)
Let the game begin! (1984 GW-Basic version)
The map of one level. ? are rooms not yet explored. (1984 GW-Basic version)
Fighting a drider... (1984 GW-Basic version)
... killed it -- grab the gold! (1984 GW-Basic version)
Oops! Dragons can make your sword break... (1984 GW-Basic version)

TRS-80 version

Adding to character class
Purchase armor
Purchase weapons
Game level begin
Moving into level
Attacked by Minotaur
Vendor room
Attacked by Chimera
Lasted 11 turns - Funny replay comment

Windows version

Introductory preamble
Manual character generation
Starting in a maze of unknown locations
In-game help
After some wandering, the maze gets more populous
All good things must come to an end...