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PlayStation 4 version

Title screen
Main menu
Episode 1: Faith
Episode 1: Chapter story
Episode 1: Park bridge after dark
Episode 1: City view from the top perspective
Episode 1: Tenement Building
Episode 1: Action menu
Episode 1: Quick time event with a key press during a fight.
Episode 1: Bleeding from a broken nose
Episode 1: Talking to a girl you don't know.
Episode 1: Meeting a new friend
Episode 1: Axed head
Episode 1: Woodland Luxury Apartments
Episode 1: Bigsby meets Beauty
Episode 1: Desk action menu
Episode 1: Elevator Button
Episode 1: Bigby's Apartment
Episode 1: Colin, the pig, at Bigsby's apartment
Episode 1: Personal files
Episode 1: Scrap of Fabric
Episode 1: Ichabod Crane
Episode 1: Answer possibilities
Episode 1: Bigsby and Snow, working together
Episode 1: Magic lamp
Episode 1: Picture with a wolf
Episode 1: Magic mirror
Episode 1: The mirror provides helpful information for whereabouts
Episode 1: Trying to find a new clue in an old book
Episode 1: Bufkin can help you find books
Episode 1: Fairy tale
Episode 1: Heading to Lawrence's apartment
Episode 1: Messy room
Episode 1: Examining stain
Episode 1: Hearing the frogs
Episode 1: looking at window
Episode 1: Dying on the floor
Episode 1: No answer with save this man
Episode 1: Running man
Episode 1: Taxi trip
Episode 1: Chat in the taxi
Episode 1: Yellow cab
Episode 1: In front on the bar
Episode 1: At the Trip Trap bar
Episode 1: Drinking at bar
Episode 1: Yeti face
Episode 1: Make full use of interior design in the fight
Episode 1: Abominable barmaid
Episode 1: Crime place
Episode 1: Choices worldwide comparison
Episode 2: Upper West Side Precinct
Episode 2: Hearing, the view from the window
Episode 2: Boxed evidence
Episode 2: Car trip
Episode 2: View on the street
Episode 2: Presenting the theory of pain
Episode 2: Dring or smash?
Episode 2: Friendly exchange of opinions
Episode 2: The conversation in the hallway
Episode 2: In front of business office
Episode 2: Toad and TJ
Episode 2: Chat with a frog
Episode 2: Investigating the site
Episode 2: Witching Well Chamber
Episode 2: Witching Well
Episode 2: Strange reaction to the sight of the corpse
Episode 2: Effective glamour
Episode 2: Examining the head
Episode 2: Locked fist
Episode 2: Decision-making process
Episode 2: Opening the strange object
Episode 2: In the bar
Episode 2: How are You Wolfie?
Episode 2: New Book of Fables entry unlocked
Episode 2: In the heat of questions
Episode 2: Night taxi drive
Episode 2: The Pudding & Pie
Episode 2: In front of a night club
Episode 2: Nude posters on the wall
Episode 2: Pipe dancer
Episode 2: Looking for better view perspective
Episode 2: Tattooed guy
Episode 2: Sharp conversation
Episode 2: Behind the bar
Episode 2: In the office
Episode 2: Meeting place
Episode 2: Night walk on the streets
Episode 2: In front of the hotel
Episode 2: The Open Arms Hotel
Episode 2: Looking at signs
Episode 2: Front desk
Episode 2: Room 2004
Episode 2: It does not runs out peacefully
Episode 2: Hitting the face
Episode 2: Frontal horns and bleeding eyes
Episode 2: Bloody bed
Episode 2: Cassette "For My Arrival"
Episode 2: Evidence connected
Episode 2: Viewing the photographs
Episode 2: Book of Fables
Episode 3 - Starting screen.
Episode 3 - At the scene of a brutal murder, continuing the previous episode.
Episode 3 - Everything is pointing to Crane, but could it really be so simple?
Episode 3 - Leaving the hotel.
Episode 3 - Talking to Beauty.
Episode 3 - Arriving at the Buckingham bridge.
Episode 3 - Arriving at the place of Lilly's funeral.
Episode 3 - Nobody is happy with Wolf's presence at the funeral.
Episode 3 - Breaking the news about recent discovery to Snow.
Episode 3 - Taken hostage by Dee and Dum.
Episode 3 - Some words can easily escalate the situation.
Episode 3 - Main title.
Episode 3 - The magical mirror seems to be broken.
Episode 3 - Listening to doctor's advice is not one of your stronger sides.
Episode 3 - Snow is glad that wolf was at the wake, despite the unfortunate turn of events that took place there.
Episode 3 - Need to find the missing piece of a broken mirror before we can use it again.
Episode 3 - Exploring Crane's old office.
Episode 3 - Searching the Crane's desk for clues.
Episode 3 - Where to go next... there's not enough time to check all the locations.
Episode 3 - Searching Dee's and Dum's office.
Episode 3 - Going through the files.
Episode 3 - Exploring the secret cellar.
Episode 3 - Noone will notice if I take some of their dirty money.
Episode 3 - Arriving at the Trip Trap bar in Bronx.
Episode 3 - One for the road shouldn't hurt.
Episode 3 - Better to separate these two hot heads.
Episode 3 - Drinking and brooding goes well together only until punches start to exchange.
Episode 3 - Good thing Gren is not as aggressive as first time around.
Looking for clues in the manager's office.
Episode 3 - It pays to be more sensitive on occasion.
Episode 3 - Looking at the photo of Lilly.
Episode 3 - I guess we could look around for a bit until the owner comes back.
Episode 3 - That tree looks like the thing we've been looking for.
Episode 3 - This girl looks awfully suspicious.
Episode 3 - So much about taking a shape of a little girl.
Episode 3 - At the Pudding & Pie night club.
Episode 3 - Punching badguys is a friendly greeting for Wolf.
Episode 3 - What was Crane trying to do in the back room...
Episode 3 - Does he look trustworthy or not...
Episode 3 - This neon sign is self-explanatory.
Episode 3 - Trying to sneak out the back door with Crane in custody.
Episode 3 - Bloody Mary seems to be working for the Crooked Man.
Episode 3 - Sheriff Bigby may not be up to the task this time.
Episode 3 - Can't outrun the shotguns.
Episode 3 - Guess they didn't elect you for a sheriff because of your gentle nature.
Episode 3 - Shotguns can't stop sheriff Bigby after all.
Episode 3 - Killing decisions should not be taken lightly.
Episode 3 - A silver bullet will stop the big bad wolf alright.
Episode 3 - Saved by Snow.
Episode 3 - Comparison of player choices with others.
Episode 4 - Starter screen.
Episode 4 - Scary flashbacks.
Episode 4 - This time Bigby barely saved his hide.
Episode 4 - Fixing your own hand must be painful.
Episode 4 - At Sheriff Bigby's apartment.
Episode 4 - Snow was seriously worried about Bigby and she's reluctantly showing it.
Episode 4 - Do I sense a possible development here...
Episode 4 - Colin is worried about getting shipped back to the farm.
Episode 4 - Title.
Episode 4 - At Bigby's office... looks like he has a visitor.
Episode 4 - Werewolves aren't such an easy thing to kill.
Episode 4 - She looks eager yet reluctant to give her statement.
Episode 4 - Maybe a smoke will take off some tension.
Episode 4 - Your choices affect other characters and they may remember it for next time they appear on the scene.
Episode 4 - Snow, it's not what you think.
Episode 4 - Beast still looks sore from our last fight.
Episode 4 - The apartment of Beauty and the Beast.
Episode 4 - Both Beauty and the Beast seem to be hiding something.
Episode 4 - Caught in the act by a mysterious call leaving the message on the answering machine.
Episode 4 - Choosing your next destination.
Episode 4 - Bigby upholds the law his way.
Episode 4 - There's noone at the counter.
Episode 4 - The butcher shop owner is hiding something in the meat freezer.
Episode 4 - And what foul play is hiding behind the door number two.
Episode 4 - Discovering the drug lab.
Episode 4 - Arriving at the Lucky Pawn.
Episode 4 - There's a commotion inside this pawn shop.
Episode 4 - Settle down, settle down, the sheriff's in town.
Episode 4 - Maybe this will cool his head.
Episode 4 - He's persistent... maybe if he loses a horn or two...
Episode 4 - Is this statue also for sale...
Episode 4 - Team effort.
Episode 4 - He's found his axe, he can go his way now.
Episode 4 - Taking a cab back to the office.
Episode 4 - Bluebeard and Frog seem to have something to say to the new mayor.
Episode 4 - I guess Frog should go to the farm to cool off for a bit.
Episode 4 - The magical mirror has been fixed.
Episode 4 - Bloody Mary doesn't like to be spied at through the mirror.
Episode 4 - Snow wants the Crooked Man alive, but I wonder if he'll go down willingly.
Episode 4 - Entering the doorway to Crooked Man's lair.
Episode 4 - Sheriff Bigby is generally polite guy.
Episode 4 - You got to ask yourselves one question... do I feel lucky... well do you, punks?
Episode 4 - Meeting with the Crooked Man in person.
Episode 4 - Player choices in comparison to others.
Episode 5 - Starter screen.
Episode 5 - Title.
Episode 5 - Continuing the story of the previous episode.
Episode 5 - First you try to reason, then you try to negotiate, and then, all hell breaks loose.
Episode 5 - Looks like Dee, or was it Dum, didn't forgive me for killing his brother.
Episode 5 - Take the deal, or take it all.
Episode 5 - Strength in numbers won't save them this time.
Episode 5 - This time, all the punks are going down.
Episode 5 - Mash the X button if you don't want to get stabbed.
Episode 5 - They're trying to escape.
Episode 5 - Running over the buses.
Episode 5 - Chasing them from the rooftops.
Episode 5 - They're mine now.
Episode 5 - Werewolf versus a speeding car.
Episode 5 - Up close on Bigby in his furry form.
Episode 5 - Catching up with the fugitives.
Episode 5 - No way of talking out of this, you slime.
Episode 5 - Selfish sacrifice, but a bit too late for some of the girls.
Episode 5 - Getting clues as to Crooked Man's whereabouts.
Episode 5 - Even though he asked for a quick death, I am not sure if he deserves it.
Episode 5 - That concludes the case of Pudding & Pie.
Episode 5 - Arriving at the Sheppard metalworks, the Crooked Man's hiding place.
Episode 5 - Locked, of course, not that it will stop me.
Episode 5 - Whatever's waiting from me behind this door, there's not going back now.
Episode 5 - Someone's been spying on, well, pretty much everyone.
Episode 5 - Unlike in many other games, this games doesn't use workbench to make weapons, you are the weapon here.
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary is showing her true colors.
Episode 5 - Overran by Bloody Mary replicas.
Episode 5 - Bigby isn't such an easy prey.
Episode 5 - There's a reason why they call you a Big Bad Wolf.
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary's last attempt.
Episode 5 - The Crooked Man still wants to negotiate.
Episode 5 - Choosing the justice by trial over quick death.
Episode 5 - The Crooked Man is going to get a chance for his last words before the verdict is passed.
Episode 5 - Trying to get the crowd side with you instead of the Crooked Man.
Episode 5 - Everybody wants Bigby to be the one to pass the verdict.
Episode 5 - Another day at the job.
Episode 5 - Guess Snow is pretty cold with Bigby now.
Episode 5 - Frog and his son are going to the farm.
Episode 5 - A small gift for Snow.
Episode 5 - Things between Bigby and Snow are... yet to be seen.
Episode 5 - One last choice before screen goes black might be a subtle indication of a possible sequel.
Episode 5 - Player choices in comparison to others.
Episode 5 - Special stats show your responses to other characters throughout the entire game.

PS Vita version

Episode 1 - Main menu
Episode 1 - Gameplay controls
Episode 1 - Episode selection
Episode 1 - Story background
Episode 1 - Manhattan city at night
Episode 1 - Sheriff Bigby doesn't seem to own a car, so he regularly takes a cab ride
Episode 1 - Main title
Episode 1 - Arriving at the destination... everything seems quiet, though
Episode 1 - Frog looks concerned
Episode 1 - Talking to Mr. Frog
Episode 1 - Exploration mode lets you move freely and interact with certain objects
Episode 1 - The Hunter needs a lesson in manner
Episode 1 - Big Bad Wolf versus The Hunter
Episode 1 - Selecting the next point of attack is a timed decision
Episode 1 - Swipe the touch screen in the arrow direction to evade being hit
Episode 1 - The Hunter means serious business, time to teach him a lesson no to mess with the wolf
Episode 1 - What was that you're saying...
Episode 1 - Nothing a little make-up won't fix
Episode 1 - Flying out the window
Episode 1 - Sorry about the car, dude
Episode 1 - Fables are not so easily killed... axe in the head... yup, he'll be fine
Episode 1 - The damsel in distress has been rescued
Episode 1 - She doesn't want you money
Episode 1 - A friendly confession
Episode 1 - Thinking in retrospective, I should've followed her, but there was no such option in the game
Episode 1 - Opening credits video
Episode 1 - Episode title screen
At the gate of the Woodland Luxury Apartments
Episode 1 - The Beauty is asking you for a personal favour
Episode 1 - Lobby guard is counting sheeps
Episode 1 - Back at your place, checking the case file
Episode 1 - Having a drink with Colin
Episode 1 - Snow White requires sheriff's assistance
Episode 1 - A gruesome murder
Episode 1 - Better look for clues around the scene of the crime
Episode 1 - Crane is as charming as ever
Episode 1 - Talking to a magical mirror
Episode 1 - Searching for clues in the books of fables
Episode 1 - Choices and consequences
Episode 1 - Gotta find a way to enter Mr. Lawrence's apartment
Episode 1 - Reading a suicide note
Episode 1 - End of the pursuit
Episode 1 - Frog is hiding something for sure, but he refuses to say it outright
Episode 1 - Snow enjoyed her "mom" time with TJ
Episode 1 - Player's choices and answers affect other characters
Episode 1 - Everybody shuts down when Bigby is around
Episode 1 - Nice approach with the bartender doesn't seem to get me anywhere
Episode 1 - Every fable has its scary face
Episode 1 - Entries in the Book of Fables get unlocked as you meet new characters and visit new places
Episode 1 - Your choices compared to the other players
Episode 2 - Select screen
Episode 2 - Picking up where the previous episode left off
Episode 2 - Police interview
Episode 2 - The interview is being recorded
Episode 2 - Detective Brannigan doesn't feel right
Episode 2 - Crane to the rescue
Episode 2 - Heading back to question the suspect
Episode 2 - Bigby and Crane don't get along
Episode 2 - Bluebeard is doing the interrogation his way
Episode 2 - Sheriff Bigby is taking over the interrogation
Episode 2 - Showing Dee the photo of a victim
Episode 2 - Bluebeard and Bigby don't see eye-to-eye on interrogation technique
Episode 2 - Title screen
Episode 2 - Surprise, surprise, Snow White is alive
Episode 2 - Snow White wants to do more than just stand there and do nothing
Episode 2 - Bigby's nose is never wrong
Episode 2 - Questioning TJ about what he saw
Episode 2 - TJ is dealing with some scary recollections
Episode 2 - By the witching well
Episode 2 - Examining the body of a victim
Episode 2 - Closer examination of the wounds
Episode 2 - Trying to open the object to find out what's hidden inside
Episode 2 - Back at the Trip Trap bar
Episode 2 - Some people just don't know when to shut their trap
Episode 2 - Bearing the painful news
Episode 2 - Holly is giving us new info to aid us in our investigation
Episode 2 - Arriving at the Pudding & Pie nightclub
Episode 2 - The working girl is leading you to her boss for a little chat
Episode 2 - Pole dancer
Episode 2 - Talking to the pimp
Episode 2 - I'll let the bat do the talking for me
Episode 2 - Checking Georgie's shady book of clients
Episode 2 - This door was open for a reason
Episode 2 - Lily's note to Faith
Episode 2 - Somebody was rummaging through Faith's belongings
Episode 2 - Nerissa, one of the working girls
Episode 2 - Looking for some info about the civtim
Episode 2 - Paying for services
Episode 2 - Heading to the nearby love hotel
Episode 2 - Now all I gotta do is find the right room
Episode 2 - Hotel lobby
Episode 2 - So this was Beauty's hush-hush secret
Episode 2 - Trying to find out when and if Lily was here
Episode 2 - She's not letting you snoop the rooms on your own
Episode 2 - Looking for room 207
Episode 2 - Wrong room, but it doesn't hurt to be thorough
Episode 2 - A bit of a misunderstanding with a jealous husband
Episode 2 - When fighting the Big Bad Wolf, even the Beast looks like a frightened animal
Episode 2 - Discovering the murder scene
Episode 2 - Somebody was recreating the story of a Snow White
Episode 3 - Episode select screen
Episode 3 - Crane is suspected of murder and foul play... or so all the evidence points to
Episode 3 - No time for 20 questions, better check to see if Snow is alright
Episode 3 - Beauty has something to say as you're leaving the crime scene
Episode 3 - Arriving at the Buckingham Bridge, the funeral place for Lily
Episode 3 - Follow the candles to the ceremony
Episode 3 - Better wait until she's done with her speech
Episode 3 - Glad he's still alive... he wouldn't make it if I hadn't investigated his apartment first
Episode 3 - Holly doesn't seem to like Sheriff Bigby much for no apparent reason, I might add
Episode 3 - Snow is trying to help me
Episode 3 - There is some truth in these words
Episode 3 - That's putting it mildly to ease the blow
Episode 3 - The obnoxious Dee brothers are always there when you don't need them
Episode 3 - The funeral ceremony has been interrupted alright
Episode 3 - He may live to regret those words
Episode 3 - Title screen
Episode 3 - Doc Swineheart is tending to Bigby's wounds
Episode 3 - Magical mirror is missing a piece and cannot be reassembled
Episode 3 - Searching for clues on Crane's desk
Episode 3 - Political struggle
Episode 3 - Select your destination, time is of the essence and there's no time to search them all
Episode 3 - Door to Crane's apartment seem to be slightly ajar... somebody might still be inside
Episode 3 - Searching the apartment for clues on Crane's whereabouts
Episode 3 - Caught a thief trying to sneak out in the night
Episode 3 - Reluctant agreement
Episode 3 - Next stop, the Trip Trap bar
Episode 3 - Gren isn't gonna help me with the search, I suppose
Episode 3 - Holly passed out and all shouldn't object to my going through Lily's things
Episode 3 - Some of Lily's things may hold the address of an illegal witch merchant
Episode 3 - Alright, if you insist, let's try the quiet approach
Episode 3 - Now that we've got that established...
Episode 3 - Snooping around for illegal merchandises
Episode 3 - Dorothy is concerned about sheriff getting close to her secret
Episode 3 - No more lying, it's time she tell the truth
Episode 3 - Snow is losing her patience
Episode 3 - Back at the nightclub
Episode 3 - Crane is bullying one of the working girls
Episode 3 - Spill the beans, Crane!
Episode 3 - Obsession coming to light
Episode 3 - Snow is second-guessing her initial conviction about Crane being the killer
Episode 3 - Wolf should restrain himself if he wants to remain on Snow's good side
Episode 3 - Leaving the nightclub with Crane in custody
Episode 3 - Somebody is determined to prevent us from leaving this place with Crane
Episode 3 - Bloody Mary seems to be the key muscle working for the Crooked Man
Episode 3 - Snow just don't know when to shut up and when to act
Episode 3 - Dee brothers killing wolf
Episode 3 - It'll take more than a shotgun spread to stop Sheriff Bigby
Episode 3 - It's time to make them fear the Big Bad Wolf
Episode 3 - Guess Bloody Mary proved to be more than a match for Bigby
Episode 3 - Player choices
Episode 4 - Episode select screen
Episode 4 - The nightmare continues
Episode 4 - Silver doesn't sit well with Bigby
Episode 4 - Colin and Snow bickering about
Episode 4 - Snow doesn't want to leave until the doc gives you a green light
Episode 4 - Everybody quiet now and leave the doctor to finish the extraction in peace
Episode 4 - Snow was concerned, but she doesn't want to appear too weak for showing her feelings
Episode 4 - This is getting bigger than we thought
Episode 4 - Colin is concerned he'd have to relocate to The Farm
Episode 4 - Title screen
Episode 4 - An unexpected visitor
Episode 4 - Time to clear some some things up first
Episode 4 - Consoling the client
Episode 4 - Not everything should be shared with Snow
Episode 4 - Discussing the next course of action with Snow
Episode 4 - Paying Beauty and the Beast a visit at home
Episode 4 - Bigby doesn't really need such a luxury
Episode 4 - The portrait of Beauty & Beast
Episode 4 - Stopping Beast in order to listen to the message
Episode 4 - No wonder they're in debt with the lifestyle they're trying to keep
Episode 4 - Which location to visit first now...
Episode 4 - Everyone's selfish, yet they say Bigby doesn't care about anyone
Episode 4 - Visiting the Lucky Pawn
Episode 4 - Toad is trying to pawn some of the things
Episode 4 - Looking for the hunter's axe
Episode 4 - This guy just likes getting his teeth kicked before answering every question
Episode 4 - The owner of Lucky Pawn is back
Episode 4 - The fiend attacks
Episode 4 - Now, to answer some of the questions I might have
Episode 4 - Hunter's not such a bad guy once you get to know him
Episode 4 - To uphold the law, or not to, that is the question
Episode 4 - Nobody's at the counter, a good opportunity to snoop around a bit
Episode 4 - The butcher shop
Episode 4 - The secret lab
Episode 4 - Somebody made sure to wipe out the boar before leaving
Episode 4 - Looking for clues in Crane's coat
Episode 4 - New entries in the Book of Fables get unlocked as the story progresses
Episode 4 - There seems to be the problem with reassembling the magic mirror
Episode 4 - Leaving Bluebeard and Toad to bicker while reporting my findings back to Snow
Episode 4 - Snow wants to send Toad to the Farm
Episode 4 - Bigby is a friend a Fables, but some just don't appreciate his help
Episode 4 - Trying to help Toad stay in town, even without the glamour
Episode 4 - The real reason behind the killings is still unknown
Episode 4 - Spying on Crane now that the mirror has been fixed
Episode 4 - Bloody Mary doesn't like to be spied on
Episode 4 - Bigby is getting better with rhymes
Episode 4 - Time to go get the Crooked Man, but can't give any promise on the outcome
Episode 4 - Heading through the portal
Episode 4 - Bigby's visit wasn't as surprising as he thought
Episode 4 - At Crooked Man's lair
Episode 5 - Episode select screen
Episode 5 - Episode title screen
Episode 5 - Crooked Man's goons are quick on the trigger
Episode 5 - Is there a proof that Crooked Man is the killer?
Episode 5 - Maybe Bigby has a good hunch on who the real killer is
Episode 5 - The crowd is getting restless
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary is joining in on the debate
Episode 5 - Dee brothers aren't appreciative of me not killing them earlier
Episode 5 - Select who you wanna defend against first
Episode 5 - This could make a deep cut... too bad for him for bringing the knife to a fistfight
Episode 5 - Leaving the goons to tend to their wounds
Episode 5 - Vivian helping Georgie escape
Episode 5 - This car isn't going anywhere
Episode 5 - Watch out for traffic
Episode 5 - Rooftops seem to be a faster path, plus they give a better view of where the car is heading
Episode 5 - Holding onto the speeding car
Episode 5 - Successfully tracking the prey
Episode 5 - The car is here alright, now to find the driver
Episode 5 - Georgie doesn't look good
Episode 5 - Piecing the clues and unraveling the mystery
Episode 5 - Georgie needs some incentive to start talking
Episode 5 - Sometimes it's hard to choose who you wish to save
Episode 5 - No happy ending for Georgie, either way
Episode 5 - Arriving at the Sheppard Metalworks
Episode 5 - Crooked Man's limo is here, guess I'm in the right place
Episode 5 - Somebody likes spying
Episode 5 - Examining the work bench won't really get me anywhere
Episode 5 - Mary is one woman you don't have to hold punches with
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary is finally showing her true face
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary doesn't fight fair
Episode 5 - It's hard to know which Bloody Mary is the real one, and which is the glass copy
Episode 5 - That's why they call me the Big Bad Wolf
Episode 5 - Crooked Man's last stand
Episode 5 - Let's hear his plan before ripping his throat out
Episode 5 - Snow is surprised I chose to bring Crooked Man back alive
Episode 5 - Reading the charges
Episode 5 - The crowd is out for blood
Episode 5 - Trying to win the crowd's votes
Episode 5 - The surprise witness
Episode 5 - Time to pass the judgment
Episode 5 - The life is back to normal... whatever normal is
Episode 5 - Crooked Man got what he deserved, though Bigby might've been a bit too soft with the judgment
Episode 5 - Snow is too busy to talk to Sheriff Bigby
Episode 5 - Cutting through the waiting line
Episode 5 - Frog has to pay for his actions and move to the Farm
Episode 5 - TJ has a present for Snow
Episode 5 - Talking to Nerissa
Episode 5 - Nerissa's confession
Episode 5 - Player choices
Episode 5 - Full list of Fables and what happened to each throughout the story based on player's choices

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Episode selection screen
Episode 1 - Conversation options with Toad. If you wait too long (the red bar at the bottom) you will say nothing at all, which is a valid option as well.
Episode 1 - When moving over a hotspot the game shows the available actions and sometimes the combination with an inventory item.
Episode 1 - Quick time event during a fight. More than pressing a key, you also need to move the mouse to target the right zone or choose of one of multiple options.
Episode 1 - Quick time event with a key press during a fight. You'll have to press it multiple times and quickly to fill up the green part.
Episode 1 - Talking to a girl you don't know.
Episode 1 - Cinematic view as Bigsby takes the Woodsman out of the window.
Episode 1 - Talking on the street.
Episode 1 - Bigsby meets Beauty.
Episode 1 - Colin, the pig, at Bigsby's apartment
Episode 1 - Ichabod Crane is in charge.
Episode 1 - Bufkin can help you find books.
Episode 1 - Bigsby and Snow, working together.
When you meet a new character, you can look up their fable as well.
Episode 1 - The mirror provides helpful information for whereabouts.
Episode 1 - Trying to find a new clue in an old book.
Episode 1 - Snow is one of the people who has to decide who can enter town.
Episode 1 - At the Trip Trap bar
Episode 1 - As with many previous Telltale games, you get to compare your choices at the end of an episode against those of other players worldwide.
Episode 2 - Bigby is being questioned.
Episode 2 - Bluebeard is ready to interrogate whomever you chose to pursue in the previous episode.
Episode 2 - Snow White wants to know what TJ, Toad's son, saw.
Episode 2 - A small puzzle
Episode 2 - Jack is a new character in this episode.
Episode 2 - Back in the bar with Holly
Episode 2 - Bigby visits a shady club.
Episode 2 - The owner puts a new girl to the test.
Episode 2 - Checking the register for clues.
Episode 2 - The Little Mermaid has come a long way.
Episode 2 - Walking the streets near the club.
Episode 2 - A fight between Beast and Bigby
Episode 2 - This bed does not look right.
Episode 2 - A book about Snow White
Episode 3 - Examining items on a table.
Episode 3 - Bigby has to disrupt a funeral.
Episode 3 - an important choice: where do you want to investigate first?
Episode 3 - Jack is caught in the act.
Episode 3 - If you need a gentle approach, it can be helpful to have Snow around.
Episode 3 - A new location and a new character.
Episode 3 - A standoff near the end of the episode
Episode 4 - Bigby has been in better shape.
Episode 4 - At the residence of Beauty & Beast
Episode 4 - In the back room at the butcher's
Episode 4 - A fight between the Woodsman and the Jersey Devil
Episode 4 - A mysterious door
Episode 4 - A meeting with the Crooked Man
Episode 5 - Some minions turn on you.
Episode 5 - Bigby looks into a portal.
Episode 5 - Chase sequence
Episode 5 - fighting Bloody Mary.
After completing the game an overview of characters and important choices is provided.
The game suggests picking up some of the series' comic books to continue the story.

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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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  • The Wolf Among Us Screenshot
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