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Wolfenstein 3D

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Acorn 32-bit

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Wolfenstein 3D turns 20 today. So, how does it hold up? DOS Kadath Bird (619)
A perfect port of the classic PC game PlayStation 3 Chris Ashford (4)
Life is so fine with that sweet chaingun o' mine... DOS Satoshi Kunsai (1817)
The great grand daddy of first person shooters. DOS jeremy strope (126)
Biblical DOS Ashley Pomeroy (233)
The first real 1st person shooter DOS Heikki Sairanen (105)
This one is historic DOS Tony Van (2691)
A 3d gaming classic. DOS RmM (64)
Eat it Adolf! DOS Zovni (9384)
Hey, here's something different! DOS Stephen Atkinz (7)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Acorn 32-bit 1 4.0
Browser Awaiting 1 votes...
DOS 139 3.9
Game Boy Advance 12 3.6
iPad 2 3.9
iPhone 4 4.7
Macintosh 8 3.9
PC-98 2 4.5
PlayStation 3 5 4.4
Windows 11 4.2
Xbox 360 6 4.4
Combined MobyScore 190 4.0

The Press Says

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DOSTechtite cool, in fact, this game is in Techtite's list of Top 50 Best Multimedia Classics. Deservedly so; while ID would tweak this exact same game engine for several more years, this was the original, unique concept that inspired them all.
I really think that this is a must have iPhone app. Wolfenstein 3D helped me hit an iPhone milestone, which is longest time played on a single game in a day. Outside of the horribly addicting Fieldrunners, the most I had played an iPhone game continuously was around 30 min. I easily played Wolfenstein for an hour straight without as much as a water break. The iPhone is just waiting, begging almost, for a real length game to grace its glass screen, and I think that Wolfenstein 3D is the first step in the right direction. Buy this app now, you won’t regret it a bit. At $4.99, all you have to do is skip on going to Chipotle once, just once, for potentially hours of iPhone gaming fun. I only give 5 stars to my very favorite apps, and this one is well deserved of that title. I can’t wait for Doom to come out.
DOSTop Secret
Może nie czepiajmy się za bardzo legendy, w końcu w takiej grze nie jest ona specjalnie istotna. Najważniejsze jest jak płynnie się gra, jak dobra jest grafika, czy gra wciąga - a tu Wolfenstein jest rewelacyjny.
PlayStation 3Gaming Age
The addition of some sort of tie-in to the new game is nice to see too, for those of you that plan on picking it up. There's a lot of content in the game too, and for the price you're paying, I'd say it's certainly worth checking out, even for long time fans that have already played the game to death.
Wolfenstein 3D est un excellent jeu d'action qui mérite vraiment que l'on parle de lui. Le jeu en lui même peut paraître barbare, puisqu'il faut avancer, explorer et décimer, mais qu'est ce que l'on s'amuse. Suspense, angoisse et défoulement sont assurés.
Wolfenstein 3D est un monument classé au patrimoine du jeu-vidéo et lorsqu'on le manipule il convient de le considérer comme tel. L'expérience qu'ont pu en retirer les joueurs il y a une vingtaine d'années a sans aucun doute marqué leur vision vidéoludique à tout jamais. Si le soft bénéficie encore aujourd'hui d'une formidable aura de sympathie auprès de la communauté, ce n'est ni grâce à son rendu vieillot, ni du fait de sa jouabilité rudimentaire. Mais bien parce qu'il est le père fondateur de nos FPS actuels, le pionnier dans l'un des genres les plus populaires du jeu vidéo. Le soft étant disponible sur Steam pour la « modique » somme de 5€, il vous sera aisé de parcourir de nouveau (ou pour la première fois) les couloirs du château de Wolfenstein.
Though I’m excited that id Software has faithfully ported over Wolfenstein 3D to the iPhone, I’m even more excited about the future of the First Person Shooter genre on the iPhone. I can imagine classics like Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, and Doom working great using the blueprint found here. It’s easy to nitpick Wolfenstein 3D Classic by citing the fact there isn’t any multiplayer or any substantial graphical updates relative to the original, but those aren’t reasons to rob yourself of what’s unquestionably the best FPS on iPhone right now.
DOSJust Games Retro
Wolfenstein 3D is one of those games I feel like I don't really need to write anything about. It simply feels so ingrained with gamer culture that it seems pointless to bring it up, and I can't gut-feeling believe anyone hasn't played it. Logic tells me otherwise, and in my attempt to be thorough, this is one of many reviews I find myself writing more for a future generation of game designers and game players come looking back to the roots of the industry. I will try not to sound like the cantankerous old man telling you how it was in the day, but luckily, the game is still pretty good even fifteen years later.
DOSAll Game Guide
In this day and age, Wolfenstein 3D is a touch on the retro side, but remains extremely playable. The game's multiple missions (including 'Die, Fuhrer, Die!', an assassination mission to take out Hitler himself) contain plenty of secret rooms and extra goodies for the observant player, along with plenty of baddies to shoot. You'll need every ounce of stamina you've got for the final bosses, though - they're real toughies, and you'll come to appreciate the save-game system. With fast 3D graphics, a moody soundtrack, and the gameplay that made id Software a household name, Wolfenstein 3D is a classic that no gamer should be without - it's the Citizen Kane of shooters.
Xbox 360Retro Gamer
The graphics no longer impress - although they remain amazingly fast and smooth - and the lack of a map makes some of the later levels a real bitch to play through, but Wolfenstein's gameplay remains a thing of greatness, even if it is a little simplistic.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Wolfenstein 3D ble en real klassiker etter at man så hvilke arvinger det fikk. Spill som Doom, Heretic og Duke Nukem 3D er bare noen som baserer seg enten på forbedringer eller moderniseringer av den opprinnelige spillidêen til Wolf3D. Det er morsomt å ta en nostalgisk tur tilbake til 1992 i noen minutter for å se hvor dagens moderne førstepersons-skytespill har arven sin ifra. Da setter du kanskje mer pris på dagens mye mer moderne utgaver - på gode godt og vondt.
DOSRandom Access
Wolfenstein 3D was a revolutionary title. This isn't necessary true in the technical sense: other games had used its engine prior, such as the interesting Catacomb 3D. But it IS true in the sense that it made first-person shooters far more mainstream than they had ever been before -- at least in the world outside of Germany, where the game was banned from being sold. The ripples of its legacy can still be felt today; Wolfenstein 3D has been made available on the PlayStation Network and on Xbox Live Arcade. There's really no reason not to try out a vital piece of history, at least just to see how far along we've come and to whom your newest Call of Duty game owes its respects.
PlayStation 3IGN
Wolfenstein 3-D remains fun after all these years. If you've never played it, download immediately and see what spawned the first-person shooter genre. If it's been a while since you hung out with William "BJ" Blazkowicz you'll likely be surprised at how amusing the Nazi shooting gallery still is. The action is satisfying and there are plenty secrets to find. It's definitely dated and flawed, but this is a game you play for its nostalgic value.
iPhoneiPhone Games Network
This game is 17 years old, and despite its dated look and feel, it’s the best FPS out there right now for iPhone!
iPhonePocket Gamer UK
If Wolfenstein is new to you, or retro gaming holds no appeal, then it'll still surprise you with its easy arcade action, though it's not going to get you as foamy around the mouth as it does the aging technophiles among us. But no one should overlook this vital piece of gaming history, brought back to life on the most important games platform of the current generation. It has a lot to offer all kinds of gamers. Now bring us Doom, Carmack.
Wolfenstein 3D is a throwback treat for fans of the classic FPS. Carmack lovingly recreates his original game, right down to the secret rooms and bizarro boss MechaHitler. The control schemes are hardly perfect, though, and require sacrifices that detract from the overall experience. Fortunately, the game is priced just right to make that jagged pill easier to swallow.
PlayStation 3TotalPlayStation
It is hard to recommend this game, despite how enjoyable it can be. It is offensive, violent, archaic, complicated, bland, and repetitive. If you can appreciate its retro qualities, however, $5 is a good price!
Like so many games in the FPS genre - even the technologically advanced, goody-packed FPS games of today - Wolfenstein gets tired. But at least the newer games have tons of plusses to help you deal with the sameness of it all. Naturally, Wolfenstein, being the pioneer that it is, does not. This is normally where old school intensity bails out old school gamers (like myself) so that they can claim ''yes it's old but it plays better than today's crap.'' Sadly, I can't make that claim today.
What's here, though, works fine so long as you move forwards/backwards/strafe with a on-screen d-pad and turn by physically tilting the iPhone. You'll never rotate fast enough to prevent being shot in the back by the tougher enemies, but with practice, you'll quickly speed through rooms and leave bodies in your wake. Sadly, the game lacks multiplayer and new levels, but it's hard to resist Wolfenstein 3D's old school charm, even at five bucks. Now all we need are DOOM and DOOM 2.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendojo
Unless you are looking for a trip down memory lane, or if you want to experience the game that laid the foundation for quality first-person shooters, you might want to find another game to play.
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US)
In Wolfenstein, it’s you against the F here and his menacing henchman in an all-out battle through hallways and corridors of Nazi buildings. Indeed, the battles look the same as they did when they initially happened on the PC, which by modern standards makes them bland, colorless, and simple. The audio is just as unadorned with a few grunts, yells, and pounding music. The straightforward controls can become a bit frustrating as you try to strafe while moving your gun. This timeless classic certainly deserves a nostalgic try, but if you want a better shooter, check out id’s other masterpiece, Doom.
Game Boy AdvanceThunderbolt Games
All in all, I can't really say that this title is that good. Sure, it's very faithful to the PC version, but a few minor tweaks to the level design should have been considered instead of taking the easy way out and making this a direct port. As it stands, the port is very good but the lack of music and the difficult to see enemies can make the game extremely frustrating.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
While Doom is often credited with starting the first-person shooter revolution, it was actually id Software's 1992 release of Wolfenstein 3D for the PC that ultimately gave rise to games like Quake, Half-Life, and Unreal Tournament. Now, Wolfenstein 3D is available once again--this time on the Game Boy Advance. The GBA version is a perfect conversion of the PC original, but that fact alone may limit its appeal.
Game Boy
Dire qu'il faut acquérir Wolfenstein 3D est sans doute un bien grand mot tant celui-ci a mal vieilli depuis son apparition sur PC. C'est un titre qu'il convient cependant de découvrir si on n'y a jamais joué tout en sachant qu'il est désormais totalement dépassé et qu'il faut donc l'appréhender en connaissance de cause.
Game Boy AdvanceClick!
WOLFENSTEIN 3D jest to gra budząca wiele wspomnień. Jednak nie bardzo wyobrażam sobie możliwość czerpania z niej przyjemności, tak jak to było kiedyś...
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
It's a nostalgia trip, and nothing more than that. The classic game design is still intact in this not-terribly-impressive conversion, so it's still a bit of fun to blast away at Nazi soldiers and other bad guys on the Game Boy Advance...especially if you're one of those gamers that enjoys taking a stroll down memory lane. But the port as a whole is very disappointing considering this game doesn't push even half the detail of BAM's other first-person shooter, Ecks vs. Sever...and it'd be interesting to see if other homebrew Game Boy Advance developers could do this engine a bit more justice on the hardware. If you have this nagging itch to gooify WWII German soldiers, this GBA port might satisfy for a bit...but Doom, the other Id shooter on the GBA, is definitely the much better choice.