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Wolfenstein 3D

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William "Bill Burger" Heineman had been contracted for the SNES port, but he didn't mention to id that he was now employed at Interplay, and that everything he did would become property of the company. When id Software found out as the deadline approached, id fired him and it was done in-house.

Contributed by Sciere (243569) on Apr 28, 2006. -- edit trivia

Wolf3D was ported to the Super Nintendo in 1994, but in a move that angered id Software, Nintendo of America had them censor the game beyond belief, including (but not limited to): changing the German Shepherds into mutant rats, changing all the dialogue into generic English yells, removal of all Nazi symbols like the swastikas and Hitler pictures, and blood removal. In retaliation, id handed the SNES Wolf3D engine over to a Christian game design company called Wisdom Tree, who created the only unlicensed game ever to appear on the SNES: Super Noah's Ark 3-D.

Then to top it all off, the fated Atari Jaguar got quite possibly the best console port of Wolfenstein 3D! Take that, Nintendo! ^_^

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