Wolfenstein RPG Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
One of the two mini-games: War
The second mini-game: Chicken Kicking
In your face Nazi!
Technicians throw wrenches.
Tell me were the golden egg is! NOW!
Freed a prisoner.
What would Wolfenstein be without treasure?
Fighting Zombies - great...
I guess the picture says it all.
Gained a level up.
Burning skeletons - a classic.
Nice - a Thompson Machinegun.
Why's everyone dead? Helllloooo?
The map of the current area.
It's rather dark in here.
Prepare to cry "Mein Leben!", punk!
Wolfenstein RPG is all about education.
Fighting under water.
Only earned three medals in the last level.
Prepare to unleash hell!
That's going to be a headshot.
Yes, the game also has two rail-shooter-sections.
It burns, it burns!
Mixing myself something helpful.
That scientist is very angry because I killed his creation.
Hi ladies, did I disturb the orgy?
Yeah - YOU fight, WE win.
Is it a golem, some hightech machine or still human? I don't know...
What is that thing?
Fire apparently isn't enough - now they've to burn green too.
Finally I get to fight the spy that has been following me.
No, that's not Hitler. He's not in this game.
Using heavy weapons against heavy guys.
The Tesla Gun is much less useful than I thought.
Aaaaah take it off, take it off!
That guy constantly wants to play War with you - except now.
The final battle is coming up next I guess.
All the weapons you'll collect throughout the game.

J2ME version

Main menu
The story
The castle from the outside
Guards are patrolling inside.
B.J. throws a toilet at the guard.
And the escape can begin.
Finding a health pack.
Shooting at a guard.
Food can be found around the castle.
Taking damage
Soldier gets a beating.
Adolf gets punched.
Finding stuff on a bookshelf.
A very short book about pop culture which oddly enough raises my focus.
A card mini-game
Mini-game about kicking a chicken.
Chicken gets kicked.