Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order Screenshots

PlayStation 4 version

Dual wielding assault riffles.
A parody of 40's propaganda
Our heroes discuss their next move.
We're going up !
Check out the lighting effects.
Your rival, the man they call "Deathshead".
In the alternative 60's time line.
Stealth kill succeeded.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Screenshots

Windows version

Regrouping with some friends in 1946. Plus this shot just looks cool.
Discovering some of Deathshead's experiments ...
Deathshead! I swear, he gets creepier and creepier each game ...
Our hero, B.J. Blazkowicz, awakens in 1960, during a violent purge of the asylum/hospital he was in ...
Asylum massacre
You will shoot a lot.
A robotic drone ... with lasers!
Imagine this picture with a comic "POP!" noise. :3
GET OUT OF THE WAY.... Wait, actually STAY IN THE WAY!
Ooh, nasty...
The woman is Anya, the nurse who cared for B.J. in the asylum. She becomes a love interest because... uhm, she gave him spongebaths. I'm not entirely joking.
Anya's parents. Surprisingly, her mother is pretty badass with a shotgun.
B.J.'s way of interrogation. Yes, that is a chainsaw. >:3
Attaching a silencer.
The game has a map system, I found a power-up that reveals the map and shows secrets (the ? marks).
This is the perk system. Based on how you play, a certain tree will advance.
Up close and personal with an armored Nazi.
Picking up health items when you are at 100% will briefly "overcharge" your health, meaning it will go past 100% - though this boost drains over time.
Meeting with Frau Engel, the game's secondary antagonist. She's pretty intimidating but I have no idea what is with the deal with the weird guy next to her other than she calls him "Bubi."
Well, at least Berlin looks nice.
Oww! (Melee fight!)
This guy looks rather worried. I wonder why?
Probably because he knew this was coming!
Backstabbing officers is fun!
Scenic prison
Dog food is still on B.J's menu!
Hey doggy... Good doggy...... please be good doggy?
AHH!WORSE DOGGY! RUN! =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ
Talk about Overkill: First I slammed his head into the wall, then I slammed it into the toilet, then I drowned him in the water, stabbed him in the head, and flushed. Jesus, B.J.!
The Laser Cutter helps you get through chains and fences. Here I'm using it to get some health!
What a mess! I :3
The last battle at Totenkopf citadel begins with a truly grasping view.
What a shotgun!
Stealthy Blazkowicz.
This guy likes you.
One on one with a big guy
The battles are quite intense graphically
Are you smart enough to solve the Enigma riddle? (Unlocks cheats for the main game)
In his nightmares captain B.J. Blaskowitz escapes from the castle Wolfenstein, night after night
A couple of friendly faces in the Kreisau Circle
One of the many golden treasures
Piloting a giant robot
Upgraded laserkraftwerk gun is extremely powerful, but you can only fire a few shots before it needs to be recharged
A place of ancient mystery
After Mission 1 you get one of two possible abilities. I got the ability to unlock certain electronic locks
Could you believe? They put a man on the moon
Yes, you'll need to singlehandedly bring down this monstrosity