Wonder 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Game Selection.
Midnight Wanderers.
Let's go.
Shoot them in their house.
Platform action.
New creatures to shoot.
Hanging around.
Big creature to shoot below.
Area Boss in Golem Wood..
End of area boss.
Destroyed the boss.
Sliding downhill.
Bottom of the hill.
Big creature again.
Another end of area boss.
Shoot the chest.
Few creatures to blast.
Chests and creatures.
You have a shield.
Boss of the first stage.
Shoot the clouds.
Lot's of chests.
End of stage boss to destroy.
Map of your route.
Blocks to blast.
Use your tail.
Getting hectic.
Don't Pull.
Round 1.
Let's go and push blocks.
Dinosaur got you.
The dinosaur is getting angrier.
Round Clear.
Next round.

PlayStation version

Game select screen
Roosters, platform game title screen
Run and shoot enemies with your crossbow arrows
If you lose your armour, you run around in your underwear
Golem Wood, the first area boss
Balgoss, the first stage boss
You can also shoot up or down
Chariot, shooting game title screen
The first stage
Mechanical faces spew out enemy fighters
The area end boss
The stage end boss
Stage 2, background forshadowing the area boss
Frantic shooting action
Don't Pull, puzzle game title screen
Round 2, push bomb blocks to stun enemies
Round 3, fried by gator enemy
Round 4, 1000 points for squasing an enemy
Round 5, squasing two enemy at once
Round 6, kind of resembles a world map