Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Main menu
Round 1
Snails squadron
Bonus ahead
On the platform
Life lost
Transport to the drop zone
Fighting with piranhas
Face to face with Pelikan
End of the level
Round 2 second stage
Underwater fight
Speed balls throw
Final boss
Round bonus points
Round 2
Snakes in the jungle
Falling monkey
Rock obstacles
Giant snakes
Flying stage
Final boss
Round 3
Spinning bullet
Game over
Best score

Genesis version

Round 1 (Action Scene)
The boy is carried by his pink companion
Entering the skull
Round 1 (Shooter Scene)
Round 2 (Action Scene)
"Monkey want a banana?"
Round 2 (Shooter Scene)
Round 3 (Action Scene)
Watch out for the boulder
Round 3 (Shooter Scene)
Round 4 (Action Scene)
Crossing the magical bridge
Round 5 (Action Scene)
A flock of penguins
The boy is clinging onto the ledge for dear life
Round 5 (Shooter Scene)
Round 6 (Action Scene)
Round 6 (Shooter Scene)
Round 7 (Action Scene)
The boy won't get inside the castle this time
Round 7 (Shooter Scene)

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen.
Selecting the number of players.
Attacked by mean-looking snails.
Pink hermit crabs!
Mid-level structures are quite impressive, in a simple line-art sort of way.
In Monster Lair levels are usually split into two parts. A platform, and a sidescrolling shooter.
Fighting the first boss - a disturbing fish-thing that shoots you with chunks of its own flesh.
Fighting some cobras in level two.
Attacked by a bolding blue ape.
Some enemies in this game are very large.
Fighting the second boss - a huge snake.
..and then I die.