The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Loading screen
Title and main menu
Intro: The Cyclone
The intro
The map
Chapter 1
Level 1-1. The lion, in the middle, if tapped on, will destroy all the gems, but not the bricks, that surround him.
Free 5 Munchkins and you can move a gem diagonally.
You need to destroy the bricks.
Well Done!
Level Complete! The stats.
Introducing locked gems and keys.
Meet the fireball. It destroys an entire horizontal row's gems but not the gold bricks.
Meet the tin axe. It destroys the gold bricks of one space but has no effect on the gem.
This level has keys, locks and tin axes.
Introducing the tornado. It drops a house that destroys the gems of one vertical column but doesn't affect the gold bricks.

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Intro: The Cyclone
Introduction: "Dorothyyy!"
The map of Oz.
Chapter 1: The Council with the Munchkins
The story for level 1-1 "Ding-dong! The witch is dead!"
Introducing your first bonus item, the lion!
Level 1-1. I freed a Munchkin.
Free 5 Munchkins and you can move a pair of gems in a diagonal.
Well done!
Level complete!
Ah, a pretty picture.
Introduction to locked gems.
Introducing the bonus item, the fireball. "How about some fire, Scarecrow?"
WHOOSH! I used a fireball.
Another bonus item, the tin axe.
I am selecting the axe.
CHOP! I cleared out some yellow bricks.
Meet the tornado.
WHEE! Using the tornado. And house.
Chapter 2: How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow
Another bonus, the double axe.
"If I only had a brain."
Next bonus, the star.
Level 2-2. I'm using a star to destroy a gem.
Now you have to contend with vines.