Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers Screenshots (WonderSwan Color)

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WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
Each attack is shown as an animated sequence
Naming Ryou... this time in stylish blue
Reminiscence of the previous game...
The cosmic battle of the predecessor... in stylish black-white
Ryou at home
Let's see, I think I'll contribute some new Japanese-only entries to MobyGames...
Browsing the Digimon website
Main square
Talking to the old wise guy, Gennai
We are the only humans here...
Approaching a tower
Well, and hello to you, too!
I think this face looks familiar...
This is... a tree
Party information
Character information
Changing your battle formation
Hey, this looks like a room for me! Let me play some Brahms!
Monster facility - this time in color
Hi there, handsome! Anything I can do for you? Hope you don't mind the scales...
Connecting between two WonderSwans...
Well, you do look like a nice bird to me...
Buying some accessories
Choose where to go!
A mountain dungeon
Standard battle screen
Choosing your attack during battle