Dokodemo Hamster 3: O-Dekake Safuran Screenshots (WonderSwan Color)

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WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
Of course, it's very important to find a life partner for your hamster...
the initial location, from where you perform most of the actions
Naming the owner. That would be me!
The intelligent hamster quickly learns the name of his new master
Choosing your birthday
This is the primary hamster conversation screen
If you click on the calendar, you'll see this actions menu
The map around your house
Talking your hamster to a stroll in the forest
It's night... aren't you afraid, little hamster?
Here you should decide for the hamster where to go
Reaching a lotus pond. The hamster looks satisfied. Time for a meditation and some thinking about Buddha and the noble eight stages of the path to enlightenment
Re-decorating your window
Taking a look at the calendar...
Choosing colors for your future masterpiece
You'll be surprised how much can be done with this simple circle
The game also gives you ready models for your painting
The Chinese characters "kou" ("mouth") and "wang" ("king") is all I could draw with this button-based interface
Hamster data. Just don't tell my friend Qiming I named the hamster after him...
The hamster is playing with the ball
You and the hamster talk about Schopenhauer's philosophy and its connection with the Upanishads... What??? No, just kidding
Wanna go shopping, you animal?
Fortune telling is something every hamster needs