Guilty Gear Petit Screenshots (WonderSwan Color)

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WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
Hey, I'm not sick! I'm healthy! Noooo!
I swear to serve you, my lade, by the name of the Holy Knights!..
Hi there! What a nice view! Maybe we just... have a date or something?... Instead... you know... fighting and all?
Options menu
Choose your super-deformed character!
This is not nice, backstabbing an innocent nurse
Sol Badguys jumps at Potemkin
Ky Kiske and Millia Rage meditate before battle
Potemkin hits hard
Character record
Fanny will guide you to vs. mode
In story mode, you get some information about the characters
I'm ready when you are!
Sol Badguy slashes with all his force
We have a winner!
After the fight, the story continues