Romancing SaGa Screenshots (WonderSwan Color)

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WonderSwan Color version

Title Screen
You can even decide what were your parents
Intro sequence
As a pirate, you will of course sail the seas! And fight against vicious, monstrous... ehh... fish!
Choose one of the eight (!) heroes, with totally different biographies: four male and four female ones
The pirate party fights a sea enemy
Character information screen
Area map
Each chapter begins with a small introduction
The dancer rolls into the town!
Setting your party
Gimme a mug o' beer!
The dialogues have this funny cartoon-like look
Through the wilderness...
The young prince is... ahem... in bed
Throne room
Outside of the castle
The ranger character can communicate with animals
The nomad character, of course, rides a horse
Nomad tents are pretty cozy, if you ask me
Battle menu
Savage character in a snowy area
Hey, for a savage nation, this house looks pretty good!
The enemies are wandering around, ready to attack
Enemy attacks!
The thieves are doing what they do best... which, if I'm not mistaken, is stealing
The adventurer arrives at his first destination...
I'm tired. I wanna sleep. And I'd rather play the SNES version