Mega Man & Bass Screenshots (WonderSwan)

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WonderSwan version

Title screen
Actually, I'm not ready... but do you really care?
Careful, don't fall onto the spikes.
This WAS an enemy.
Climbing up.
Choosing your character.
Options menu
Forte faces a boss.
End of stage confrontation
Area map
Hit by a grasshopper.
Dodging an enemy projectile.
Warning that the screen is going to shift.
Vertical wind stage
Oh dear... that would be an instant death.
Moving vertical platforms.
Mini-boss buzz
Rocks, clouds? No idea but it took me forever to find out I could stand on them.
Rockman in a bubble
Bouncing shots of enemies to the mini-boss.
Another Airconman attack that makes no sense!
Each boss grants new powers.
Flying scissors
Flamethrower enemy
Terrifying boss
Rotating enemies. They can only be hit when they are facing you.
A dangerously moving ceiling
The arrow changes the gravity.
The terrifying... COMPASMAN