Pocket Fighter Screenshots (WonderSwan)

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WonderSwan version

Opening video of Felicia sleeping beneath the moon.
Ryu & Ken
Morrigan's combo persona...
The three rules of Pocket Fighter.
Pocket Fighter start screen.
Player select.
VS screen.
Card battle: Select the cards you'll use.
Card battle: special move selection
Card battle: You and your opponents match up your cards.
Card battle: The cards are executed.
Card battle: Food.
Card battle: Special.
Arial attack
A loss
High score chart.
Battle mode select
A little preamble in arcade mode.
Fierce comabt.
Sakura's combo outfit is bunny-esque
Stage clear, score tabulation.
Game Data menu.
Attempting to connect with the WonderGate
Morrigan uses her less than succubic bed side manner.
Giant syringe? Pregnancy test? No idea, but I don't want to be hit by it!
A distant attack but... I'm over here Ryu!
Ibuki has all sorts of traditional Japanese transformations.
Final showdown between Morrigan and Chun-Li
Another medical move.
Chun-Li directs traffic, guiding a horde of bikers towards you!
Morrigan victory screen.
The card gallery. Cards collecting from various modes are shown here, and can be traded.
Trading a card...
Linking with another wonderswan for a match.
Zangief turns into an ape...
...and evolves during a combo chain.
Tabasa turns into a robot.
Point match results.