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WonderSwan version

Title screen
Start game / WonderGate
Ah a generic high school.
A rigid wave of desks
Options, lets turn up the word speed shall we.
Hey! I hear if you watch this you die in seven days! Dude!
A little bit of conversation
The cute girl <3
So! Are you going to watch it!?
What's going on?
I can feel something on my arm!
That's the fellow who gave me the tape...
Nothing to see here students, run along.
A TV set in the school hums.
I wonder who left that on?
The cute girl again, unphased.
My TV back at home
Why not watch that video?
Ok a volcano....
Symbol for mountain
Lots of symbols
A fuzzy fetus
Close-up of the baby's face
Faces, or are they masks?
What is that!?!
That was weird.
Bad dreams follow
Hey I watched this awesome film it makes you die in seven days! Dude!
The cute girl is concerned about your seven day death theory.
It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
It seems that the camera caught some odd footage the other day...
Very odd indeed
Strange marks appear on your arm.
Feeling watched at home.
Breaking the tape will surely solve the problem....
... or not.
No doubt if you and the cute girl team up you can save the day!
Oops, throwing a rock at her window broke it! An alarm is going off, you going to stay around or not? Timed decision.
I seem to have run out of time and have an unwanted visitor....
The last eye condition I see before my death.