Soccer Yarou! ~Challenge The World~ Screenshots (WonderSwan)

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WonderSwan version

Title screen asks you to take a stand.
Main menu
Selecting a team
Pre-game info.
Making a dash for the goal.
Hmm no one seems preturbed.
Your team stands idle, but I think I can see them smiling...
Hes almost at the goal now.
Is that goalie wearing a catcher's glove?
You blocked it, hurray!
Everything jumbled.
Fail. Maybe you'll kick it next time.
The goalie kicks the ball out.
The goal dance, as seen in the lower right.
End? HAI!
Norway vs. Norway
Coin Flip... Austria vs. France. I never liked the way those French people do their.
PK Battle mode.
Sudden death. Nice save!
The final result.
Lost the 3rd match. Game over.