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Tell us a tale from long ago. From your home town KurĂ´zu-Cho...
Kirie, Japanes highschool student. Main Protaganist.
Shuichi. Kiries beloved. Another Student who attends school in a neighboring town. He senses that this town is different from the rest of the world.
Shuichi asks Kirie to elope with him.
An grim anecdote about Shuichis father, who seems a friendly fellow.
There are many examples of scrolling text without an accompanying image.
The night they found dad dead inside a tub...
Shuichi's father attempts to turn himself into a spiral. With some negative effects.
Mother goes mad.
Snipping the "spirals" from her hands.
The smoke from their cremations rise in spirals...
One of Kirie's school mates, Azami.
One of Kirie's school mates, who desires attention... Of course the desire for attention is a form of spiral...
School Room Drama
Decide Kiries response.