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The Woodleys Summer Sports (Nintendo DS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Woodleys Summer Sports Credits

Published by dtp young entertainment GmbH & Co KG

Distributordtp entertainment AG
ProducerImke Stiemert
Assistant ProducerAlexandra Mika
Character DesignPatrick Bandau, Boris Patschull, Simon Butler, Imke Stiemert
QA ManagerPan Schröder
QA Technical LeadMathias Reinke
QA Project managerSteffen Böhme
QA Testing CoordinatorJens Knauber
Lead TesterThomas Rosché
TestersHannes Janecke, Jessica Chan, Kim Pommerenck, Mokthar Sayed Shah, Matthias Hauptmann, Vincent Pehrs
Key Art DirectionStefan Sturm
PackagingMartina Stellbrink
Manual DesignMartina Stellbrink
Cover IllustrationPatrick Bandau
LocalizationJohannes Bickle, Matthias Eckardt, Patricia Grube, Maren Nötzelmann
Test Coordinator LocalizationSimone Tolari
Tester LocalizationAlexa Grande, Antonio Freire de Dios, Cecilia Flores Mozo, Edward Butler, Emily Hanna, Fiachra Ó Luain, Livio Pinna, Scott Huntington, Salciccia Valerio, Jennifer Linscott, Kamel Gherbi

Developed by Independent Arts Software

Managing DirectorHolger Kuchling
ProducerFelix Olschewski
Art DirectorAndrea Christen
Lead Game DesignerFelix Olschewski
Game DesignerJulian Klaus
Lead CoderFrederic Lensing, Maik Delitsch
Additional CoderAndreas Timmermann, Frieda 
Graphic ArtistsMichael Hoffmann, Tanja Hollingshausen, Marc Köhler, Peter Thielmann, Torsten Asholt
QA TestersRoman Grow, Ronny Harzendorf, Zoltán Kovács
ManualJulian Klaus
MusicDynamedion, Fabian Del Priore
SoundDynamedion, Axel Rohrbach
Audio ProgrammingEngine Software BV
Motion Capture & Postproduction Studiometricminds GmbH & Co KG

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