Word Connect (Windows)

Word Connect Screenshots

Windows version

A one human player vs. one computer player game.
This is the first screen that is displayed when the game starts up. The game plays in a window with many options accessed via the top menu bar
Registering a name is not necessary in order to play but it is useful if there is more than one person using the computer
The start of a small game, bigger boards are available. The computer has dealt the letters and it is the player to go first
The menu bar gives access to a help screen which can be used in-game
The game allows the backs of the tiles to be changed and sounds are also an option
Letters are dragged from the tile array onto the play area to make words.
Here a word has been completed. All communication with the player is via the lower window bar. Here the player must click on that bar to confirm the word to be played.
The game does adjust well if the screen resolution is changed mid game
The game allows words that are not in its dictionary to be used
Tiles can be exchanged if a move is neither possible or would be unproductive
The game's dictionary can be used to check words before they are played.
The anagram feature takes the letters in the player's tile rack and finds all the words that can be made from them. No luck here though
The crossword feature finds words using wild cards
This is what an end of game looks like
The game's help text opens on a new window
This is the 'Crazy' board layout. The black squares are ones that cannot be played upon
This is the error message the player sees when an invalid word is entered
The player is playing a blank tile and therefore must specify what letter it represents
This is the 'Mr Smiley' layout. It's reckoned to be fun for kids
This is the MOBY layout created with the board editor