Word Games Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
Selecting HELP, whether from the menu or within a game, opens up a document in a new window
The Longest Word. Here the letters are being selected. The status bar at the top of the screen shows this is the first of three rounds
The Longest Word. Here the player's word and the AI's word are compared
The Longest Word. This is the end of a game. All games that are played over three rounds end with a screen like this
The 'Crossed Words' game is just that, a standard crossword puzzle
The Anagram game. Here the player must rearrange the letters to make the word that matches the definition
Set Words is a scrabble variant. The AI opponent uses odd words. RNZN? IEE? VR? Sorry, I call that cheating
A game of Hanged Man. The first and last letters are supplied and the player must drag letters into the grid to complete the word in thirty seconds
Digged Words. Here the player has the option of not re-using letters however the game does seem to get a bit confused over this.
Digged Words. When letters are re-used the AI opponent is practically unbeatable. Even if I knew all the words I could not score 9117 points in ninety seconds!
Mysterious Word. This is a Mastermind variant and, confusingly, the red letters are the ones that are correct
Replaced Words. Here the player must deduce the correct placement of all the supplied words