Word Yo! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen and main menu follows the developer logos
The game control options. The game can be full screen or windowed and the control keys can be customised
The start of a game. There are three different types of game, each with three levels of difficulty.
The start of a game, Original and Slow modes selected
The letters are selected by clicking on them. Each letter must be adjacent to the last, diagonals count. The initial letter can be anywhere but here REEF is being spelled left to right
A longer word has been spelled here. The box in the top right shows how many more tiles have to be cleared to advance to the next level
There is new artwork at the start of each level
The character becomes more agitated the closer the player gets to losing the game. (In the game she actually looks disturbingly constipated)
Game Over
The high score table
The start of an INTERVAL game. Here the minimum word length increases with each level
Playing an INTERVAL game. This rapidly gets very tough as the minimum word length, shown in the top right, increases with each level