World Championship Boxing Manager Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen
Your office
Checking on the health of your boxers
Answered a phone call by letter: the fight is on
Is the game a little sexist?
Did i say a little sexist? I meant...
It's Fightnight
The arena
Watch the fight or stay at the bar
You don't see the match, you read what the reporters have to say
End results

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Enter your name.
Name your boxer.
The contract.
Main menu's.
The gym.
Your office.
Arranging the next fight.
Boxing match commentary.

Atari ST version

Company logo
Title screen
A possible new boxer
Read between the lines and you'll find the truth
Could be Connect 4 as well
Your plush office
All the information at your fingertips
I didn't know it was boxing season
She was hired for her typing skills, honest
Doors to the other staff members
The trainer
Setting up a training regime
Contacting a rival manager to set up a fight
You'll have to agree on a date and your cut
Another phone call needed
Done that
Good news
Fight results
Scout requests
Look at this screen to see why
This replaces the 'exit game' mode every Friday
The ring pre-fight
You can watch all the fights, not just your own
Our MC sets things up
Our rival
Fight tactics
Part of the running commentary
Boxers have a variety of the moves
Quick treatment time after each round
We've done it
Fitness status after the first fight
Not so good
The expert analyst's views
Looking a bit bruised now
Scouting report
Better punches equals better fighting, I'd say
Judge's decision is coming

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Enter you name.
Pick a name for your boxer.
Which room?
Your office.
Watching a fight.

DOS version

Your secretary
Before a fight
A fight is about to start
At the doctor after a fight

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays when the game loads
The game starts with the player entering their name
Then the player sets up the boxers that they wish to manage
This is the first boxer. All the settings shown here are the default settings
This is the second boxer and the settings here have been tweaked
This is the third boxer and he's at national Standard
Each of the boxers in the system can be customised as well
The managers office. The calendar is used to advance the date. The desk diary shows whats happening in the next week, The cabinet has records etc
These are the options when using the desk diary.
This is the fight diary. There are fights next week and there's nothing involving Moby's fighters
These are the boxers records from the fight diary sub menu
This is the record for one of Moby's fighters
This is the record of one of the existing fighters
Every fighter has an assessment report
By advancing the date via the calendar option today becomes the day of the first set of fights
The fight takes place. The game literally gives a blow by blow account that can go on for many rounds.
This match went on for 6 rounds before being stopped in what felt like real time...
The player has the option to skip the detailed account of each match if they want.
If the player chooses not to go to the fights the results are mailed to them. here's the notification that a letter has arrived......
... and here are the results
Here's the contents of the filing cabinet. The arrow keys move to select the tabs
By selecting the door to the managers office the player is taken out into the corridor where other rooms become available
This is the Physio room where details on a boxers condition can be checked. A response of No takes the player back to the corridor
Dick looks to be in fighting shape
As soon as the player enters the Gym they're asked about a boxer. A response of No takes them back to the corridor
Here training records for each boxer can be set up