World Championship Poker 2 featuring Howard Lederer Screenshots

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Character creation screen
Loading screen with poker tips
World map
Game starting
Pot winner with big slick
Luck on the river
Player peeking at the cards.
All players still at the table
First player out of the game
Pawning items after running out of money.

Windows version

The game's main menu
The EXTRAS option from the main menu is where the game's tutorials can be found. A couple of screens describing the selected game are shown before the player gets to play
This is taken from the tutorial on Texas Hold'Em Poker. The basic information screens have been and gone and now the player gets to decide on their bid
Pineapple is a variant of poker where three cards are dealt but one must be discarded
Player's can create their own character and take them through a career mode. Once the basics, gender, body and personality are decided the face and hair can be further customised
Having created and named a new character the player can player a game. These are the choices that are available.
Career mode opens up a world overview screen, seen here. The player can only play in one match per week. To start with it's at home in the basement but impress here and other games open up
A typical friendly American basement poker game. This is the first step in the career mode
If the player does something that would be dumb in a real game they get to play this mini-game. They must use the arrow keys to keep the dial pointing to either Tell, Bluff or Poker-face
The view changes as cards the river cards are dealt
The sparkles next to a player's name indicates they won, as if the dance and the comments weren't enough. This is one of the two available female body types, the breasts have not been enhanced
This is the player statistics screen
Starting a Quick Play game. This is the initial game configuration screen
It is possible to win a hand because everyone else folds