World Cup Carnival

World Cup Carnival Commodore 64 Title screen


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Amstrad CPC
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Release and sales

Initially planned as a US Gold in-house title, time constraints after a failed first attempt forced them to acquire Artic's World Cup Football (ZX Spectrum) and World Cup (C64 & Amstrad CPC), and fit the game with licensing tags and 'feelies' including a badge and wallchart, to release the game in time for the competition.

Although one of US Gold's biggest ever sales successes, their reputation was not helped by the game. Amstrad Action magazine gave it 0%, and other reviews were highly negative. On forums such as and , the US Gold game has a much lower rating than World Cup Football, despite being all-but identical.


  • Commodore Format
    • July 1991 (Issue 10) - listed in the A to Z of Classic Games article (Bad)
  • Power Play
    • Issue 11/1990 - The Worst Bluff Package (in the article "The Awful 10")

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