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PlayStation 2IGN (Dec 22, 2000)
Thunder Tanks is an excellent four-player game and while the single player game gets stale rather quickly, it's worth picking up if you play games a lot with your friends. It can get a little hectic and the game's multiplayer modes don't seem quite as polished as what you get with TimeSplitters and Unreal Tournament, but it's very fun nonetheless and is an good option for those who want more than just a first-person shooter.
PlayStation 2PlanetPS2 (Mar 07, 2001)
If beating on your buddies with tanks and assorted black market weaponry is your idea of a good time, you'll have a blast with WDL. All others should rent first.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jan 09, 2001)
WDL: Thunder Tanks is a good entry into the vehicular combat genre. The deviations it makes are interesting, though not terribly groundbreaking. But what it lacks in innovation, it makes up for with a solid multiplayer game with respectable graphics, a healthy helping of variety, and plenty of replay value.
PlayStationPlayzone (Feb 19, 2001)
Ja, Sie haben richtig geraten. Grundsätzlich handelt es sich hierbei um dasselbe Spiel, das wir schon für die PlayStation 2 getestet haben. Allerdings wurden die Features für die PSone-Version ein wenig abgespeckt. Sie haben nur neun Fahrer zur Auswahl, mit denen Sie in zwanzig unterschiedlichen Arenen gegen die Konkurrenz antreten können, und ein Spielmodus fehlt.
PlayStation 2Consoles Plus (Apr, 2001)
On tourne rapidement en rond, on fait toujours la même chose et, gros problème, on s'ennuie ferme après dix minutes. Les graphismes, plutôt soignés, et l'action soutenue ne parviennent pas à sauver ce jeu de la noyade.
PlayStation 2Playzone (Feb 19, 2001)
2062: Die Welt erholt sich mühsam vom letzten großen Krieg, riesige Gebiete sind zerbombt und verseucht. Doch eine der wichtigsten Erfindungen der Menschheit hat sofort wieder Einzug in den Alltag vieler gehalten: das Fernsehen! Hier überträgt die World Destruction League unter anderem ihre Sendung Thundertanks, in der sich lebensmüde Gladiatoren in ihren umgebauten Panzern gegenseitig zu Klump schießen.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Jan 09, 2001)
World Destruction League is all about blowing stuff up. As you maneuver your tank through many graphically unremarkable arenas, you're bombarded with attacks from tanks and a barrage of turrets. This flak constantly fills the screen with explosions and egregious lighting effects every bullet emits a bright-glowing halo. The best part of the game is the wide array of special weapons, from nukes and mines to guided missiles.
Game Boy ColorIGN (Feb 12, 2001)
The game had lots of promise, but ultimately the not-so-deep level design and technique-lacking gameplay erases the fun WDL: Thunder Tanks could have had. The original Battletanx on the Game Boy Color promised a lot less and actually ended up a somewhat fun game - this "sequel" does one-up the graphic quality, but does nothing to increase the excitement.
PlayStation 2PSM (Mar, 2001)
The only redeeming to WDL is its simple idea and interface. Anyone can quickly pick up and begin playing with little confusion. Therefore, it makes for a mediocre party game that even non-gamers might fine enjoyable, even if only for a short while. However, if you play games avidly, or even regularly, try to stay away from this one.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Mar, 2001)
World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks faller på sitt dåliga yttre och drar i fallet med sig en stor del av kontrollen. Kvar finns visserligen många valmöjligheter samt ett tvåspelaralternativ, men det är inte tillräckligt för att roa en längre stund. Är man pansarvagnsfetischist kan man nog fatta tycke för det här spelet. För oss andra är Vigilante 8 eller Twisted Metal 2 bättre val.
PlayStation (Apr 24, 2001)
Une production PS2 inacceptable. Un gameplay légèrement amélioré depuis la version PSX, mais les tanks ne procurent aucune sensation crédible. Un titre dépourvu d'intérêt.
PlayStationIGN (Oct 31, 2000)
C'mon, guys. If you can score an 8.2 on a Battle Tanx game, the least you can do is score a 5.0 here. Yes, 3DO, I'm talking to you. As for the rest of the world, don't think twice about buying this. Turn away and never look back. For all the low points World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks has, it sure doesn't have many high ones (if any). I'd have to think long and hard before admitting that this game is somewhat fun. I'd probably have to be brainwashed ala Clockwork Orange, too.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (Jan, 2001)
Word Destruction League: Thunder Tanks tries hard with a macho attitude, but there isn't anything satisfying underneath. Instead, you get a mish mash of tired game concepts thrown into an industrial blender, fingers crossed that the pulpy results will come out a tasty brew. WDL for PS2 is the game the Playstation version should have been, but nothing more. It's less than mediocre and, most importantly, not much fun.
Game Boy ColorSuper Play (Sweden) (Jun, 2001)
Av vad som kunde ha blivit ett ganska trevligt och actionbetonat strategispel, har 3DO gjort något som egentligen bara är ett mycket dumt och enformigt shoot 'em up.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2000)
P.T. Barnum once said, "a sucker is born every minute," and if you buy this game you are proving Barnum’s theory as WDL is just awful. It’s just Battle Tanks all over again with a new name and improved "attitude" – if you can call that an improvement as the machismo cheese factor runs quite thick here for a bunch of hosers who blast each other in tanks. If the concept wasn’t bad enough, WDL also features enemy vehicles that pop in and out of the battles as the program struggles to keep up with its mediocre play.
PlayStationGameSpot (Oct 04, 2000)
As we rapidly approach the PlayStation's demise, cheaply produced tripe like World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks will likely become the norm for the console as developers set their sights and their budgets toward the higher-performance next-generation consoles. While the buzz around the PS2 version of this title is good, World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks for the PlayStation does not suffice in any facet of its execution and should be avoided by even the most fervent vehicular combat fans.