World Heroes 2 JET Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player select.
Mode Select.
Fight Intro.
Punched him.
Throwing your opponent.
Another punch.
Jumping punch.
Elbow to the head.
Flying kick.
Low punch.
Another flying kick.
Special move.
You lose.
Next fight.
Low punch.
Low kick.
Attacking in the air.
Throwing him away.
Low kick.
Spinning you around.
You win.

Game Boy version

title screen
main menu
player select
the fighters
round 1
c-kidd vs. ryoko
a hard kick against ryoko
mudman without his mask
jack with his freddy krueger hands
hanzou learn to fly
the results after 3 fights
shura defends himself
muscle the wrestler
muscle show his "muscles"

Neo Geo version

Title screen
A bit of the game's dramatic intro
That D button never gets any love.
You've got two new characters - Jack and Ryofu.
The Death match mode is gone, but you have a training mode now.
It's the scientist from the first game.
You can choose your enemy in training mode.
If you and your enemy hit each other at the same time, you'll both fly away.
Guess who won?
Here's the standard Tournament mode entry.
Dramatic intros are a dime a dozen.
You fight against three enemies in each round.
You can now dash towards or away from enemies.
Perfect victory
Here's the results that show up after you finish a round in the tournament.