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World Heroes 2

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Neo Geo
TurboGrafx CD

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 3.0
Neo Geo 6 4.2
Neo Geo CD 3 4.3
SNES 3 4.0
TurboGrafx CD 4 3.2
Wii 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 18 3.9

The Press Says

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Neo GeoPower Unlimited
Weer eens zo'n extreem duur Neo Geo spel. In dit geval heet het World Heroes 2 en is het een behoorlijk goede Streetfighter 2 aftreksel. Grafisch is het zoals gewoonlijk uitstekend en ook de dosis humor die erin is verwerkt is leuk.
SNESGame Players
With no loss of quality to speak of in it's arcade translation, the characters look great and their movements are smooth and very responsive. So while there's hot competition for fighting fans this summer, World Heroes 2 might just give the Big Boys a run for their money.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Compared to the coin-op version, this is a pretty good rendition and is worth checking out. You get the graphics, the sounds and the controls. But remember: There's always a better game in the making.
SNESGamePro (US)
Although it's tough to dethrone the reigning champs, Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, World Heroes 2's quality and attributes place it in their league, not with all the minor league imitators out there. Arcade fans will be disappointed and newcomers will see what all the fuss is about.
SNESSuper Power (Sweden)
WH2 är både snyggt och har helt okej kontroll. Det skulle mycket väl kunna vara riktigt bra, om det inte vore för det faktum att det är det femtioelfte exakt likadana spelet i sin genre.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic
The improved death match mode includes new hazards like circular saws running across the floor. This time both competitors share a health meter, and it's possible to recover from knock-outs by tapping the buttons like mad. The controls in World Heroes 2 are identical to the first game, letting you deliver stronger blows by holding in the kick and punch buttons. One excellent new element is your ability to deflect a projectile by guarding just before it hits you. The difficulty seems a bit harder than the first game, probably due to improved AI. World Heroes 2 might seem a tad slow, but its over-the-top characters and colorful backdrops pack some serious entertainment value.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
The Neo Geo madness continues with another excellent conversion of an arcade game to the Super NES platform. One advantage of this version is the ability to play as the boss characters (especially Neo Geegus who can morph into any fighter). The speed setting is also a plus (the top speed setting is pretty fast) and the tug-of-war Survival Matches (with various hazards in their stages) have been retained from the arcade. Some moves could have used a bit more animation (like Hanzo and Fuuma's uppercuts). Overall, it's a faithful translation.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide
World Heroes 2 is a great improvement over its predecessor, and although it's not good enough to be counted amongst the best fighters of the day, it is good enough to be worth your time. The advancements made to the deathmatch mode are especially interesting, as the mode now feels like a different type of game instead of being the regular mode with some gimmicks thrown in.
SNESMega Fun
Leider verhält es sich bei World Heroes 2 wie mit den meisten NG-Umsetzungen auf das SNES: Je besser das Orginal, desto schlechter die Umsetzung. Die Grafik ist akzeptabel, beim Sound dagegen haben sich die Programmierer nicht gerade mit Ruhm bekleckert. Noch dazu ist der Spielablauf eine Spur zu hektisch geraten, aber wenigstens gehen die Special Moves gewohnt einfach von der Hand und lockern das Geschehen etwas auf, aber das war beim NG auch nicht viel anders. Alles in allem bleibt eine leidliche Konvertierung, die den 16-Bit Möglichkeiten nicht gerecht wird. Mit SNES-Versionen von Art Of Fighting 2 und Samurai Shodown stehen uns auch deutlich bessere Titel ins Haus.
WiiNintendo Life
If you’ve not downloaded a World Heroes game before then it’s a given that you should pick World Heroes Perfect, and if you’ve already purchased that entry then there’s little reason to lay down your digital monies for this prequel unless you’re a rabid fan of the franchise. World Heroes 2 is the effectively the right game at the wrong time - if it had been released first then we’d be a little more forthcoming about recommending it.
WiiDefunct Games
There's no reason to buy World Heroes 2 with the 1995 sequel already on the Virtual Console. Even if World Heroes Perfect wasn't available, you would still want to wait for World Heroes 2 Jet. It's silly and goofy in all the right ways, and in 1993 this was a stand-up sequel. But this is 2013 and World Heroes 2 is impossible to recommend.
Neo GeoDaddelkingz
Die einzigen beiden lobenswerten Features sind wie schon beim ersten Teil die Bonusrunde und der Todeskäfig. Bei letzterem scheint tatsächlich mal ein Mensch mit Gehirn in der Entwicklungs-Stube von ADK gehockt zu haben, wartet dieser Modus doch mit einem Schiedsrichter und weiteren Extras auf. So müsst ihr euch z.B. vor im Boden eingelassene Kreissägen in Acht nehmen und diese gegebenfalls überspringen. Ist eure Energie-Leiste am Ende zählt euch der Schiedsrichter aus. Um wieder aufzustehen heisst es: wild am Stick rütteln und heftig Knöpfe drücken. Leider verbreitet die Charakter-Riege auch nicht den geringsten Hauch von Charme, weshalb einem das tolle Todeskäfig Feature auch nix bringt. Fazit: Danke ADK...