World Heroes Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
The mission.
Player Select.
Mode Select.
Next Match.
Battle 01.
Jumping in for the attack.
Flying kick.
Punched him.
Flying kick to the head.
You lose.
Hitting with your sword.
Watch those spikes.
Using sword again.
Knocked him back.
Throwing your opponent.
You win.
East medieval battle field
Sword slap
Mechanical leg
Spinning flight
Hanzo vs Rasputin
Giant hands
Electro ring
I see stars...

Genesis version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Unique and static introduction frame – the scientist is explaining your primary objective.
Choose a fighter.
Game mode selection: NORMAL (against CPU) or DEATH MATCH (same as NORMAL, but with trapped arenas).
VS screen.
World map with the location of the next opponent
Fuuma vs. Rasputin (who seems to prefer presenting his underwear)
Get a grip!
Janne vs. M. Power in a Death Match
Beat him
Like many other features from Street Fighter II, this game also has the view and mockery of the defeated opponent.
J. Carn vs. Hanzou
Dragon vs. "Brocken" (German for chunk, gobbet,...)
The burning fence is not just for decoration, you know.

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Short introduction frame – the scientist explains your main objective.
Learning some basic game commands in a simple "How To Play" screen.
Fighter selection screen.
Choose a game mode: NORMAL (the standard one) or DEATHMATCH (fights in arenas with dangerous traps).
VS screen.
Janne loses her hair

SNES version

Title screen
Character selection
Select match mode
Bruce Lee look-alike Dragon vs. J.Carn
After a fight
Janne vs. Rasputin
Hanzo throwing a Shuriken at Janne
"Brocken" in a suplex with "Muscle Power".