World of Aden: Thunderscape Screenshots

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DOS version

Starting the game...
Start menu
Tabula rasa -- building a new character from scratch.
Choose a race! Some of these are certainly new to me!
I like to have middle-of-the-road characters, not min-maxers.
The coup de grace!
Starting the game with what turns out to be our first NPC!
Fresh off the boat, faced with enemies! Select a target and examine your icon-options on the bottom.
What's this? (SPOILER) A hidden object directly beneath my starting location.
In a shop
Inventory management
Landing a blow.
The gory outcome!
This could go one of two ways...
Adventurers being what they are, of course it defaulted to combat.
Exploring indoors!
A word to the wise. Follow his lead and not only will you be paste, but you'll be stranded beneath a stubborn elevator!
Different kinds of combat approaches -- defensive options.
Stealth options in combat
The berzerk approach seems to get results!
Gaining a level!
Ooh, I get to learn spells!
These are more frightening than bugs
... especially the way they spontaneously combust after being killed!
Operating the elevator
Oh boy, riddles! Easier to skip past with a walkthrough than mazes!
Auto-mapping system