In addition to West End Games' 1995 publishing of Shane Lacy Hensley's World of Aden D6/MasterBook Campaign Chronicle for traditional roleplayers, HarperPrism published a "World of Aden: Thunderscape" trilogy of novels in 1996 as a promotional tie-in to the game:

  1. The Sentinel, by Dixie Lee McKeone;
  2. Darkfall, by Shane Lacy Hensley; and
  3. Indomitable Thunder, by Mark Acres.

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[excerpt from readme.txt of patch]

Fixes in 1.1 version of ThunderScape:

  • "No Space Mouse Shape" crash has been fixed.
  • "Dos/4GW professional error [2001]:exception ORH" crash has been fixed.
  • "Divide Overflow" crashes have been fixed.
  • "Read Fault Error" (in Troll caves) has been fixed.
  • Crash after Character Creation has been fixed.
  • "Crash site unreliable, bad wall count..." has been fixed.
  • Decompression error when entering, leaving Troll caves has been fixed.
  • Sound problems including Mel Fatal #110 trap: 20, Ensonic soundscape problems, and sound stopping after intro to game.

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