World Racing 2 Screenshots

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Windows version

The main menu of the game... errr... very nice ! :)
Race selection menu
Character creation... blondes are good racers they are :D
Mission selection menu
Race description screen
Track selection screen
Car selection screen: one of the few times a Golf GTi mkI is playable in a game
You can also apply different body paint, vinyls and even get custom rims for your car
Race results, yeah it didn't go as planned
Career trophies and wins
Hood camera
Bumper camera
Third person camera
The red arrow behind the player's car indicates that an opponent is very close
Cutting corners sharply and swiftly is the key to success
Some of the surroundings can be destroyed
In open road tracks you have to keep an eye on the traffic as well
That's what happens when your driver is careless
You get to race on some weird places like aboard this aircraft carrier
Stay behind the pack in knockout races and you get the boot off the race
Off-road races are usually checkpoint based routes
The car models are nicely detailed! Check out the classic tri-star of this Mercedes on the hood
What is better than racing a Mercedes Gull-wing along the shorelines of Miami?
You don't see a vintage Mercedes drifting everyday!
Racing across the city streets
The scenery is mostly spectacular
Sometimes you have to perform high jumps like this one
Some racing models are available too
One on one race
Tailgating your opponent gives you better acceleration and reserves some power for overtaking
In Freeride mode you can rent cars to try and see how they feel on the road, like this juicy AC Cobra
Racing on a circuit
Doing some doughnuts to please the crowd!
Some tracks include small dusty sections which need extra care
Most of the time you'll be seeing your opponents' tails... damn they are good
It's very easy to miss a turn :)
On some occasions the road narrows so much that you'll barely be able to pass through