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World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International

World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Creating a player. Lots of options available
Selecting teams for a friendly. The question marks are teams waiting to be unlocked
Friendly match options
Pre-match options
Pre-match presentation is awesome.
Going up the wing...
Going alone...
Offside trap camera
Penalty shootout
Match results
The San Siro, one of the most recognizable stadiums in the world
A yellow card. The player also got an injury
Goal replays allow to track the action from any players' viewpoint, such as behind Zidane's bald spot
Cup modes available
What if we lose the match, but get moral victories? Can't we be no.1 that way?
A free kick. Still too far to be dangerous from a direct kick
Taking a Corner
About to make a save
Sending off. Happens quite often if you use the tackle too much
A perfect lob
Cup presentation. Again, above any criticism.
Master mode teams. Some of these names are... strange. To say the very least.
Buying players, otherwise known as the key element in Master Mode

World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
Match Setup
Formation Settings
During the Match