World Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 International Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Creating a player. Lots of options available
Selecting teams for a friendly. The question marks are teams waiting to be unlocked
Friendly match options
Pre-match options
Pre-match presentation is awesome.
Going up the wing...
Going alone...
Offside trap camera
Penalty shootout
Match results
The San Siro, one of the most recognizable stadiums in the world
A yellow card. The player also got an injury
Goal replays allow to track the action from any players' viewpoint, such as behind Zidane's bald spot
Cup modes available
What if we lose the match, but get moral victories? Can't we be no.1 that way?
A free kick. Still too far to be dangerous from a direct kick
Taking a Corner
About to make a save
Sending off. Happens quite often if you use the tackle too much
A perfect lob
Cup presentation. Again, above any criticism.
Master mode teams. Some of these names are... strange. To say the very least.
Buying players, otherwise known as the key element in Master Mode
Intro movie (World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002).
Title screen (World Soccer Winning Eleven 2002).
CATALUNA. From the Master League.
Japanese team.
Random Match announcement. Commentator: Jon Kabira. Co-commentator: Tetsuo Nakanishi.
Various camera views.
TV camera.

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
Match Setup
Formation Settings
During the Match
The game starts with a check of the memory card and the usual company logos. It then plays a montage of still photographs and in-game action. What's this one got to do with the game - who knows?
The game's start screen
The default controller configuration. Customised setups can be created and saved
There are ten trophies to be won, the European cup, Asian cup, a couple of International cups etc
This screen shows the comprehensive range of editing options available to the player
The Create A Player screen
The game's training options
UMBRO PTC is a set of Pro Training Challenges
The Tutorial has sections for dribbling, passing, shooting, defence and set pieces, each having many lessons
A shot from one of the dribbling lessons. The game shows the player and then pauses here until the appropriate buttons are pressed
UMBRO PTC is a set of Pro Training Challenges, this is a shot from the dribbling challenge
The main game consists of Master League, Cup, League and Match modes. Each mode has an Information option like this where most tabs lead to multiple screens of text
Master League team selection.
This is displayed while the Master League game is being prepared
The Master League game configuration menu
The Information tab leads to a menu where the team's formation can be changed, and negotiations, transfers, training and editing can take place.
The configuration screen used in Cup Mode
Only the flags of the eligible teams are displayed across the top. For the International cup no flags are displayed across the top
The load screen used for the start of the Asian Cup
Before the match there's the usual scenes of the stadium, the introduction from the commentators, the players walking onto the pitch and posing etc
Here a goal kick is being taken. The D-Pad, or left stick, are used to set the direction but there's no on-pitch arrow to use as a guide