World Soccer: Winning Eleven 8 International Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Opening video shows some cool moves you may expect to find on the field
Ever puzzled faces of the fans
Uh, that's some serious pulling
Main Title
Main Menu
Options screen
Display of all the trophies won (two down, plenty more to go)
Germany celebrating the winning of a Konami Cup
Stadium display
Your winnings will earn you credits which you can then well spend in the shop
Strip selection doesn't do much for a CPU as it does for player to better recognize his team players
Penalty kicks between Classic Argentina and Netherlands
I surrender, don't shoot! However, with penalty kicks, surrender is not an option
The keeper didn't read this ball right, but alas, the kicker missed the entire goal anyway
Main menu prior to the match
Changing formation and some of the players before the match starts
Taking the picture before the match starts
Passing the ball from the out
In-game menu pauses the game and gives you a whole set of options to change (that's also how you change players and tactics in the middle of a game)
Spain versus Brazil, starting the match (note the referee which wasn't present in PES3)
A corner kick for Spain
First goal is always breaking the ice of tension and a cause for celebration
Replay of passing by the goal keeper and scoring a goal
Starting the league with the club teams
A goal kick for the keeper
Ronaldo scored a goal just to realize he was also causing an off-side
For those players who enjoyed Sensible World of Soccer, the game offers rotation of field to face goals up and down instead of sideways
Yellow card for Figo
Beckham on a free kick
Sent him flying, this has got to be a foul

Windows version

Initial Screen
The game starts with an optional animated introduction
The game's main menu is a side scrolling affair
The options are:
Play a quick match
Master League
Network game and
Exit to Windows
The game can be played using a keyboard. This is the first of two screens showing how the keys map to the standard controller the game was designed for.
This screen shows some of the items that can be bought/unlocked when the player has enough PES points
There are five training sections, Free Training, Situation Training, Challenge Training, beginner Training and Controls. This shows the extensive options in the Controls section
A scene from one of the training sessions. The game has paused and will not proceed until the correct keys are pressed.
Playing an exhibition match, this is the team selection screen. There are one & two player 'quick start'options that bypass all the configuration screens
Playing an exhibition match. After team selection comes a strip selection screen which is followed by this configuration screen. Matches can range from five to thirty minutes
Playing an exhibition match. After the game configuration screens comes the team configuration screen with dozens of options to tweak
Playing an exhibition match. The opening sequence is optional. It starts with a description of the ground and conditions, shows the players in the tunnel and as they take to the field.
Playing an exhibition match. There are multiple camera angles to choose from, this is the kick off using the standard camera angle
An in-game shot showing a corner being taken
After a goal has been scored it is replayed from many angles. The player can pause the action and zoom/rotate the camera to get a good look
During a game the player can pause the game and adjust many options, here a new camera angle is being selected
One of the game statistics screens that is available at half time. Statistics on individual players are also available
Starting a game managing a Master League team. The names are all fictitious but can be edited to match real teams
Managing a team in the Master League. There are four leagues to choose from
Managing a team in the Master League.
The first screen the player sees is a help screen with tabs leading to screens that explain saving a game etc. This is the main management screen
Managing a team in the Master League.
This is the development sheet for an individual player
The game's load screen. This appears as the game transitions from one section to the next

Xbox version

Title screen
Opening cinematic
Main menu
Team and jersey selection
Team setup