World Tour Soccer 2002 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen

Demo version
The game's Main Menu. This is taken from the demo version and only the Quick Game is available to play. This screen is followed by a Team selection screen.
The usual animated sequence that swoops around the stadium and shows the players taking the field precedes the kick off
It's a French corner. The stadium advertising shows up well doesn't it, better that Ferdinand who's the current active England player Demo version
Half time and the players leave the field

Demo version
Title screen

UK retail version SLES 50244
The retail game's main menu
Creating a custom team
This is based on the French national squad since in 2002 they seemed to win everything
The game customisation menu
There are four levels of difficulty and maximum match length is 20 minutes
Setting up an exhibition match. The player first selects the category, then the team, then selects OK to confirm. This is done for both teams
Setting up an exhibition match. After selecting their team, in this case Upminster, the player sets the team formation and the squad
Setting up an exhibition match
here the player sets the team's strategy
Setting up an exhibition match.
All the pre match work has been done now, the game shows the two squads prior to the match beginning, it serves as a load screen
before the match starts there's a flyby of the ground and the players take the field.
Is it just me or do they look like zombies from some low budget horror movie?
The kick off
The on screen information is clear and well displayed
An Upminster goal kick
Being in control of the weather conditions means it's possible to play in Sao Paulo, or anywhere else, in the snow
The pause menu options
The half time statistics of an exhibition match
This is all there is and the full time stats are just the same
This is a player celebrating after a goal. Still looks like a zombie to me
A corner to Sao Paulo
The actual match looks this good but the action screen shots don't look very clear
Playing a national season. After selecting one of the ten national seasons, here the Dutch season has been selected, that are available the player gets to choose their team
Playing the Dutch season
The games are played in a national stadium, there's no representation of every club's ground. Thee are four difficulty levels and games can be full or half season
Playing the Dutch season
This is the season's fixture list